Frank Shamrock’s Best-Looking Fan

Model Ashley Mulls talks a little combat sports

picture-1.pngIt’s very easy to ask some fighter, journalist or fellow fan their thoughts on the combat world but can you ask a model? That’s the real test my friends.

So, on that note, today we go toe-to-toe with model Ashley Mull. She is one of the Platinum Agency‘s top talents. She also kind of looks like Trish Stratus, don’t you think?

AH: Good morning, Ashley. So, tell me, are you a lover or a fighter?

AM: I am a bit of both at times. I am passionate, loving, and I love to make people happy but I can also be a fighter. I am so passionate that I will fight for what I believe is right even if I’m wrong! Can I add stubborn to that list too?

AH: Hmm…maybe. The obvious next question is would you ever date a fighter?

ashley32.jpgAM: I would date anyone that can catch my eye, make me laugh, give me goose bumps and butterflies. If he happens to be a fighter I would be his #1 fan! Only if he doesn’t mind that I close my eyes during his fight!

ashley1.jpg AH: Sorry I’m taken. N-E-Wayz, which sport intrigues you the most: boxing, MMA or pro wrestling?

AM: Boxing is the sport that will always have my interest. It is such a classic! Blood, sweat, testosterone all in one ring…sheesh! I think boxers are very dignified. Ali was the greatest. Plus those silk shorts are so sexy.

AH: Sheesh is right. But on a more serious note who is your favorite professional fighter? Ali?

AM: Frank Shamrock is one of my favorites. Especially because I met him and his brother Ken a few years ago in Colorado and had a great time with them. He’s a great guy; funny, nice, and down-to-earth.

AH: The Shamrocks, eh? Very interesting. Have you ever been to a live fight?

AM: I was a ring girl for a couple fights a few years ago. I had never even seen a fight before and I sat front row. It was intense! I never thought I could be in so much pain just from watching two guys fight. The worst part was getting up after each round and having to walk around the ring with a smile on my face while the ring was being cleaned up because of all the blood.

AH: What a strange working environment. What do you think of female fighters?

AM: I have a lot of respect for female fighters. It takes a lot of courage to get in that ring and fight another woman. Women are vicious and can fight just as hard as any other guy out there. I have seen a vicious female fight and swore I would never step foot in a ring.

AH: I know what you mean. I have seen a couple of those in my day. Would you ever consider stepping into the octagon or ring?

AM: No way Jose!

AH: Actually it’s Ariel but whatev…

AM: Being a ring girl is one thing, having my face pounded in by another angry woman’s fist is another. I can hold my own for sure, but I like my teeth too much to sacrifice them! You can fight, I’ll watch from here!

Matt Lindland Is Good At Keeping A Secret

The Middleweight star remains tight-lipped about his fighting future

Not only is Matt Lindland a great fighter but, man, that guy can keep a secret.

I had the pleasure of talking to “The Law” at a time where his name was very much in the news. Needless to say, I was looking for some answers.

We knew he had signed with a promotion we just didn’t know which one.

We knew he was planning on running for an Oregon State House of Representatives seat we just didn’t know why.

We knew he had recently talked with Dana White about potentially returning to the UFC but didn’t know what came of those discussions.

Well, two out of three ain’t bad. Lindland was more than willing to discuss his political career and his talks with White but his new contract? Hell no. I might have asked him ten questions regarding his new home only to be shut down every time. It felt like high school all over again.

Sure, we’ve all heard the Affliction/Golden Boy rumors but in a time where upstart promotions have press conferences to announce a big free agent signing only to find out five months later that said fighter never signed a contract (see: Global, M-1) we can’t really believe much these days.

Plus, Lindland told us that the promotion he has signed with is established and has been running shows for a while so there’s that.

We also spoke about why he left the UFC in the first place, Anderson Silva, the offer to appear on TUF 4 and his fight against Fedor. It’s an interesting one.

Matt Lindland – 03/19/08

Dan “The Beast” Severn Just Keeps On Tickin’

The UFC Hall of Famer looks back on his legendary career

They don’t get much more legendary than Dan “The Beast” Severn (left). Seriously, I could have asked Severn eight hours worth of questions with regards to his MMA and pro wrestling careers but instead I settled on forty minutes. And, boy, did we cover a lot:

* Why he continues to fight

* When he expects to retire for good

* His thoughts on the current MMA scene

* Did he ever think the sport would become so popular

* The success of so many amateur wrestlers in MMA

* Lesnar-Coleman predictions

* Getting stripped of the NWA title prior to the first TNA show

* The biggest regret of his career

* His time in the WWF/E

It’s not often that you get to speak to a legend who has excelled in wrestling and MMA so it was obviously a great thrill to chat with “The Beast.”

Dan Severn – 03/17/08

Memories From The Park: When Jake Rosholt Stopped By

The Team Takedown member talks about his budding MMA career

jr.pngIf Pacquaio-Marquez II isn’t your thing and if you can’t find any illegal ways of watching Dream 1, you have another option for Saturday night in the form of the Xtreme Fighting League on HDNet. The main reason to watch this card is this will probably be your first chance to see the stars (and I do mean stars) of Team Takedown – Jake Rosholt, Johny Hendricks, Eric Bradley and Shane Roller – in MMA action. All former amateur wrestling greats, these men are expected to become champions in their respective divisions in no time. We featured an interview with Rosholt several weeks back and I thought this would be an appropriate time to run it again.

When it comes to mixed martial arts, remember the name Jake Rosholt. Why, you ask? Well, first consider his amateur wrestling background:

* Three-time NCAA champion. He won the 184-lbs title in 2003 and 2005 and 197 in 2006.

* Four-time All American at Oklahoma State University

* A Big XII champion

* Three-time state champion in high school

Then, consider the fact that he finished his rookie year a perfect 3-0 after winning two fights via TKO and one by submission. Finally, consider that the 25-year-old Stillwater, OK, native currently trains at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas. Mix that all together and you have, without a doubt, one of the brightest young Middleweights in MMA.

And here’s some good news: The Team Takedown member will look to continue his winning ways on March 15 in Tulsa, OK, when he faces Chad Jay (7-1) in one of the top matches on Dale Cook’s Extreme Fighting League event. If you can’t make it to Tulsa don’t fret as that card will air live on HDNet.

Rosholt stopped by The Park to talk about his affiliation with Team Takedown, why he entered the world of MMA, his upcoming bout and much more.

Jake Rosholt – 01/30/08

Who’s Sported The Greatest Mustache In Wrestling History?

Jon Chattman Counts Down Wrestling’s Finest ‘Staches

Listen, it’s not all fun and games at The Park. Sometimes we’ve got to do some dirty work, break news and even provide our residents with definitive combat sports lists. So, with that in mind, we present the top 5 greatest mustaches in pro wrestling history.

On April 1, Triad Publishing will be releasing a book co-authored by Jon Chattman and Rich Tarantino entitled “The Book of Bert: High-Class Stars With Some Hight-Class ‘Stache.” Now, you must understand that since my entire family is from the Middle-East, I am well-versed in the art of the mustache. So, naturally, my first inclination upon hearing about this book was that I must purchase it right away. However, once I heard that a) the authors were wrestling freaks just like I was and b) they actually devoted several sections of the book to wrasslin’ I knew right away that I must speak to these geniuses.

Take a listen as Jon Chattman awards the top 5 ‘staches in wrestling history and even exposes some of the more unfortunate ones to sprout. I dare you not to laugh at least a couple of times while listening to Jon analyze facial hair.

Jon Chattman – 03/13/08

For more on Jon check out his website at For more on ‘The Book of Bert’ click here AND for more on mustaches check out The American Mustache Institute.

Behold The Resurrection Of The Thugjitsu Master

Yves Edwards looks towards his title shot against KJ Noons

On Monday we invited Elite XC’s 160-pound champion, KJ Noons, to Jarry Park to discuss his upcoming title defense against Yves Edwards on 4/26.

And, as promised, here is our chat with Edwards as he nears one of the most important fights of his illustrious career. Important because it was less than a year ago that Edwards had lost five of his last six bouts and, needless to say, some were wondering if he should call it quits.

Three victories later, though, the Yves Edwards bandwagon is back in full force and he now finds himself one win away from full redemption.

Other topics he touched on included:

* The Elite XC/CBS deal

* Will this fight be televised on CBS (I’m going to keep asking until I get answers damn it!)

* The amazing Edson Berto knockout

* His Bahamian brother – Kimbo Slice

* The evolution of KJ Noons as an MMA fighter

* The second coming of Yves Edwards

Yves Edwards – 03/12/08

Tito Ortiz Plans To Fight For Respect

The Huntington Beach Bad Boy Speaks Up

First came Fight Network Radio, then The Howard Stern Show followed by So, naturally, it only made sense for Tito Ortiz to hit the final stop of “the big four” and make his debut at

I tried my best not to ask him the usual stuff we’ve been hearing and while some of it was inevitable you’ll definitely find some interesting nuggets in there.

First off, Ortiz discussed the highly-anticipated release of Zombie Strippers. I had to ask.

Then, we spoke about whether his fight against Lyoto Machida on 5/24 will, in fact, be his last for the UFC (while all signs point to yes he did seem to leave some hope). We later talked about the demise of Ken Shamrock and whether he believes the 44-year-old threw the Buzz Berry fight (completely ludicrous if you ask me).

Finally, we spoke about which promotions he may be interested in fighting for as well his run in TNA Wrestling. I always thought TNA could have done a hell of a lot more with Ortiz but he seemed to disagree.

As everyone knows by now, “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” pulls no punches in his interviews and this one was no different.

Tito Ortiz – 03/11/08

King KJ Prepares To Defend His Crown

Elite XC’s 160 lbs pound champ talks Edwards & Diaz

Obviously, KJ Noons is our kind of fighter. While he has enjoyed considerable more success in MMA he does dabble in boxing and we dig that.

For the time being, though, his boxing career has been put on hold. Makes sense considering Noons shocked the MMA world in November by defeating Nick Diaz and capturing the first-ever Elite XC 160-pound title. He’s kind of like a big fish in a small MMA pond and a small fish in a big boxing lake.

His first title defense comes on 4/26 against veteran Yves Edwards in Hawaii and, today, we catch up with Noons while later in the week we’ll feature a discussion with Edwards on the upcoming bout.

Some of the topics we spoke to Noons about were:

* Will this fight air on CBS?

* His thoughts on the CBS deal

* The revival of Yves Edwards’ career

* His ever-improving ground game

* Nick Diaz’s negative comments following their bout in November

* When he plans on boxing again

All that and much more. Check, ch-check, check ‘er out.

KJ Noons – 03/10/08

Krzysztof Soszynski Helps Kick Off The Weekend

The Light Heavyweight fighter talks ROC XVIII and pro wrestling

What am I doing this weekend? Oh, just watching 15 hours of combat sports. I think I still might have girlfriend but I haven’t been able to confirm that for the last two months or so.

Don’t ge me wrong, though, I’m not complaining. It’s certainly a great time to be a fan of this wacky world (I feel like I say that every weekend).

For the uninformed, here’s what’s on tap:

Tonight: HDNet Fights presents Ring of Combat XVIII (HDNet, 9 p.m. EST)

Saturday: Oleg Maskaev vs. Samuel Peter/Juan Diaz vs. Nate Campbell (HBO Sports, 9:30 p.m. EST)

Enzo Maccarinelli vs. David Haye/ Cage Rage 25 (Showtime & The Fight Network, 9 p.m. EST)

Sunday: TNA Destination X (PPV, 8 p.m.)

Sheesh. That’s a lot of programming.

One of the star competitors of this weekend’s bonanza is Krzysztof Soszynski. The Team Quest fighter faces Alex Andrade in the main event of tonight’s ROC show and before the battle he was kind enough to stop by

I always enjoy talking to pro wrestlers turned MMA fighters like Soszynski. Take a listen as we discuss tonight’s fight, his strange debut for HDNet Fights in December, learning the art of jiu jitsu from Bad News Allen, when he’ll be fighting again for TKO and much more.

Krzysztof Soszynski – 03/07/08

Looks like I forgot about Ring of Honor‘s PPV premiering tonight. It’s called “Rising Above” and I hear it’s solid so my apologies to the ROH fans out there. I think it slipped my mind because it’s tape. My mistake.

The Chainsaw Is About To Rev Up Again

Charles McCarthy is ready to put 2007 behind him

Time to put UFC 82 to bed and focus our attention on the promotion’s 83rd pay-per-view offering – Serra-St.Pierre II from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. For obvious reasons, we’ll have extensive coverage of the UFC’s first foray into the great white north starting with today’s featured interview.

It’s been close to sixteen months since Charles “Chainsaw” McCarthy competed in the Octagon and on April 19th he will help introduce Michael Bisping to the the middleweight division.

Of course, McCarthy-Bisping marks The Count’s first UFC fight at 185 lbs and while some are considering McCarthy as a sacrificial lamb to get Bisping back on track, the American Top Team member has other plans in mind.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

* His time away from the UFC

* Thoughts on Michael Bisping the fighter

* His take on Hammill-Bisping

* The state of the Middleweight division

* How he would attempt to defeat Anderson Silva

Charles McCarthy – 03/05/08