Arianny Celeste Brings “Peace” To The Park

Remember our last fireside chat with the lovely Ms. Arianny Celeste? Well, of course you do because it just reeked of awesomeness! Team ECK 4 Life.

Ahem, anyhow, one of the highlights of the interview was when Arianny promised she would show the millions upon millions of the Jarry Park faithful how much she loved our site by flashing the ever-classic Peace sign during UFC 82.

Truthfully, the interview was several weeks back and I actually forgot about our “deal.” However, loyal reader Xad reminded me of it yesterday and was even kind enough to send me some screen grabs of these historic moments – yes, she did it multiple times.

Part of me feels bad because the Peace sign may be deemed passe so, rest assured, the next time an opportunity like this comes up I’ll think of something a little more innovative.

It might not be as cool as bumping into Matt Serra at a 7/11 but it’s pretty damn cool if I may say so myself.

More peace, love and happiness from AC after the jump.

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Arianny’s Views From The Best Seat In The House: Welcome Back Valentine’s Day Special!

Aaaand we’re back.

Great to be talking with you all once again and what better way to get this thing rolling than to present our latest edition of Arianny’s Views From The Best Seat In The House. Clearly, it’s a crowd-favorite and if you enjoyed our last discussions, um, I think you’ll definitely LOVE this one.

Why, you ask? Well, consider what we discussed this time around:

* Her Valentine’s Day plans

* UFC 81 and the all the hype surrounding Brock Lesnar

* Her appearance on E!

* The 944 Magazine contest she’s involved in

* Whether or not she is leaving the UFC

Pretty standard, I know. But then how about:

* Will she soon be gracing the pages of Playboy?

* She plays a very special game of F, Marry, Kill.

You read that correctly. Playboy. F, Marry, Kill. I kid you not.

Take a listen my friends and welcome back to The Park.

Arianny Celeste – 02/14/08

(photo courtesy of Zuffa, LLC)

Arianny’s Views From The Best Seat In The House

Remember the last time we featured an interview with UFC Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste? Well, her presence generated the most amount of traffic to Jarry Park…EVER. Seriously, it did. Kurt Angle, Bas Rutten, DDP, GSP – they should all bow down to the queen of the Octagon.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that we should start featuring Arianny a hell of a lot more around these parts so we have “signed” her to stop by The Park after every big UFC event to offer her unique views from the best seat in the house.

This was a particularly busy week for young Arianny as she worked UFC 80 in Newcastle over the weekend and then Wednesday’s UFC Fight Night 12 at the Palms in Las Vegas. We talked about her travels as well her thoughts on:

* The Penn-Stevenson blood bath

* Sean Sherk’s promo after the main event

* The lackluster Burkman-Swick fight at UFN 12

* Why she was eating snacks during Pellegrino-Crane fight

* Her budding singing career

* What special sign she will flash to the Park faithful at UFC 81

We’re just trying to recreate the old high school days when the neighborhood park seemed to be the cool place to go after class.

Arianny Celeste – 01/25/08

Arianny Celeste Is The Queen Of The Octagon

For the last hour or so, I’ve tried to find the history of the ring card girl but to no avail. For most of us (except maybe my 90-year-old great uncle who checks out the site from time-to-time), ring card girls have been a part of the combat sports world forever. But my research has led me to believe that they were actually introduced in the late 60’s after promoters realized that fans would rather see beautiful women carrying around the signs instead of middle-aged men.

That said, most of us could never put a name to the faces of these mysterious women holding these cards. And, to be honest, no one really cared to. That is until the UFC starting using the same ones at each event and marketing them as personalities.

The first popular Octagon Girl (as they are known in UFC-land) was Rachelle Leah but she has since moved on to hosting UFC: All Access (anyone else find it weird that they continue to bill her as the host of that show but it hardly ever airs?). But then, my friends, came Arianny Celeste.

To help quench our fascination for what life as an Octagon Girl is really like, we invited the 22-year-old Celeste to talk about her experiences in the UFC, all the rumors about her personal life and what it’s like to work for Dana White. Take a listen below.

(By the way, after Rachelle and Ali Sonoma put down their signs for good, a lot of UFC fans were afraid Arianny would follow suit but she assured us that she plans on sticking around the Octagon for a while. Thank heavens.)

Arianny Celeste – 01/09/07

(photo courtesy of the UFC)