The Travis Lutter Saga Continues…

The embattled fighter speaks up on his release from the UFC

Travis Lutter. Say that name on any MMA forum and you’re bound to strike a multitude of emotions from fans. Some hate him while others remain supportive. Some root for him to fail while others continue to pull for him. Some we’re disappointed in his performance at UFC 83 while others are just ecstatic that the UFC has since released him…wait, what? The UFC released a former TUF winner after two losses in a row? Didn’t Kendall Grove lose two in a row and is now headlining the TUF Finale in June? Yes and yes.

Now, granted, Lutter did fail to make weight in his title shot against Anderson Silva last June but I can’t help but feel like the punishment didn’t fit the crime. Maybe I’m wrong though…

Anyhow, MMARated Radio caught up with the much-maligned Lutter to get his side on how and why he was suddenly released:

* When did he find out?
* How did he find out?
* Has he talked to anyone in the UFC?
* Was he surprised he got released?
* What went wrong in the Franklin fight?
* Has he spoke to any other promotions (hint: they rhyme with DIEFL and Appliction)
* When he expects to fight next
* Which fighter would he like to fight next?

We also gave Lutter the forum to address anything else that was on his mind.


Travis Lutter Patiently Awaits His Second Chance

On my last Fight Network Radio appearance, I mentioned that I was anxiously looking forward to Travis Lutter’s return to the Octagon. Sure, he messed up by failing to make weight before his title bout against Anderson Silva at UFC 67 but that just makes me want to see him fight even more.

It’s a great story, really. He wins TUF 4 to get the title shot of a lifetime, fails to make weight, and then, despite everything, gives Anderson Silva his toughest challenge in the UFC.

While I don’t expect Lutter to get a title shot anytime soon a win in his next bout (rumored to be against Rich Franklin) would go a long way in helping people forget about last February.

That fight was supposed to happen at UFC 82 in March but Franklin suffered a torn meniscus in his right knee so the bout was postponed. Then came word that the two would get it on at the rumored April card in Montreal(!) but the recent news of Franklin’s father passing away has thrown everything up in the air.

So many questions, very little answers so I invited Lutter to The Park to discuss his bout with Franklin, when it will take place and his thoughts on weight-gate a year later.

Travis Lutter – 01/11/08