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Welcome, Ladies and Germophobes (that would be me), to the inaugural edition of “THE MMARated Radio Show.”

I have always struggled with the notion of whether I should put together an online show. The main strike against the idea was that I hated 99.99% of the shows out there because I thought most of them sounded way too campy and amateurish. Since I would never want to be viewed in that light I thought it would be better to just stick to the interviews.

Well, after experiencing UFC 84 weekend in Las Vegas, I had way too much on my mind so I thought, “hey, this might be a good time to record those thoughts.” The result is what you are listening to right now.

I’ll tell you this much, I thoroughly enjoyed talking to myself for 40 minutes. Reminded me of my college days.

Hope you enjoy the show and, as always, thanks for any and all feedback.


The super-agent talks Fedor-Sylvia, M-1, Adrenaline and Ken Pavia

It’s tough keeping up with Monte Cox these days. He’s with M-1 Global. He’s without M-1 Global. He’s starting Adrenaline MMA. He’s hooking up Affliction with Tim Sylvia to fight Fedor. He’s friends with everyone. He’s calling Ken Pavia, for all intents and purposes, a midget (more on that in our interview). It’s safe to say Cox is the busiest man in MMA.

Thankfully, he granted MMARated Radio an interview (free of charge to boot!) to talk about all the action in his professional career:

* Is Fedor-Sylvia official?
* What’s the deal with this Affliction show?
* Does it have anything to do with Adrenaline MMA?
* Is it weird working on a match involving Fedor?
* More details on Adrenaline MMA
* How many shows will they hold per year
* Fights signed for the inaugural show
* Any beef between him and Pavia
* What went wrong between Tim Sylvia and the UFC?

Oh, and Cox also teases us with the knowledge that one of his fighters has been contacted to fight in the main event of UFC 85. As you will hear, I tried my hardest to find out more but Cox put the kabosh on all my efforts.

LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW AT MMARATED.COM Interview With GSP’s Strength & Conditioning Coach

The familia is back in familiar territory this weekend – good ol’ Montreal – and the following clip is just a TASTE of the amazing, all-access, behind-the-scenes footage we are capturing. Expect the rest to drop later this week (following UFC 83) but trust me when I say it will be worth the wait…