Michael Bisping Is Done Talking Trash

“The Count” Fires Back At Charles McCarthy One Last Time

Did you hear? Charles McCarthy isn’t impressed with Michael Bisping. Also, Bisping thinks McCarthy runs his mouth too much. Oh, and McCarthy wants to put Bisping to sleep…

Give these two credit, though, as they’ve definitely surpassed Lutter-Franklin in the hype department for UFC 83. Solid trash-talking between two combatants can do that for fight.

MMARated Radio wanted to give “The Count” the last word since McCarthy has done his fair share of talking so we caught up with him just days before his UFC middleweight debut. Some of the topics we discussed included:

* Does he feel disrespected by McCarthy?
* Why all the hate?
* What does he think of McCarthy?
* Is McCarthy a step down for him?
* Why the move to 185?
* Was it a long time coming?
* Will he have trouble making weight?
* Does he still hear about the Hammill incident from fans?
* Does he expect to be booed in Montreal?
* Where does he fit in the middleweight division?

All that and much more from a very open Bisping.


UFC 78 Is Upon Us

The UFC has held 22 pay-per-view events since the last time they visited the Northeast but that streak ends this Saturday night in Newark, NJ.

From the moment it was announced, the UFC 78 card was met with great scrutiny. It seemed as though most fans were expecting to see a rematch between Rashad Evans and Tito Ortiz. Once that fight fell through rumors persisted that we might see Dan Henderson vs. Tito Ortiz? However, that match never materialized either.

So, we are left with Rashad Evans vs. Micheal Bisping in the battle of The Ultimate Fighter winners. While the bout is definitely an interesting one, many, including myself, continue to question if it’s “main-event” worthy. At first glance, the rest of the card may resemble more of an Ultimate Fight Night event on Spike than a PPV card. That said, there are some great fights to be seen (Fisher-Edgar and Chonan-Parisyan come to mind).

Will fans be intrigued enough by the Evans-Bisping bout as well as the return of Houston Alexander to buy the show? We shall soon find out.

The UFC held a conference call this afternoon with Dana White, Houston Alexander, Michael Bisping and Rashad Evans and you can click below to listen to it. Nothing earth shattering coming out of it but some interesting things to take note of:

– Randy Couture texted White yesterday and they are looking to sit down and talk next week.

– No word on a possible deal with CBS.

– The next UFC Fight Night on Spike will be on 1/23/08.

– White is still unsure if UFC 80 will be on PPV or on Spike.

– Joe Doerksen appears to be back in the UFC after one fight in WEC.

UFC 78 Press Conference – 11/12/07