Mornin’ Muesli: I Heart WWECW

I feel bad for WWECW. Everyone loves to diss it and complain it’s nothing like the original version. Of course it isn’t. It’s WWECW! You guys need to stop living in the past and embrace the present. So, in the interest of spear-heading the WWECW revolution I present the top 8 reasons why it’s the best show around.

8. Joey Styles: A watered-down Joey Styles is better than 99% of the wrestling-only play-by-play men out there. I know there are only a handful but if your initials aren’t JR your probably looking up at Styles on my list.

7. Kelly Kelly: She is far from being my favorite Diva (Torrie Wilson will forever hold that special spot in my heart) but I just love the fact that someone on the creative team thought it would be a good idea to call her the same name twice. Think about it, it’s brilliant.

6. Big Daddy V’s side boob: Forget Marisa Miller and Bar Refaeli, nothing will ever compare to BDV’s side boob.

5. Kofi Kingston’s eventual heel turn: My American friends just don’t like foreigners. They hated Bret Hart. They hated Santino Marella and they continue to hate on all hockey players even though some of the better ones are actually American. So, I am guessing Kingston will turn heel on us in ooohhh 3-4 weeks. Until then, don’t forget – he’s always happy!

John Morrison’s entrance: It rules.

4. Stevie Richards: Love the fact that he is getting TV time. Love the fact that they are actually giving him a personality by focusing on his throat surgeries. Will always love the Right to Censor.

3. Extreme: Isn’t it great how they keep referring to WWECW as the land of extreme even though there are hardly ever any extreme rules matches? That’s called respecting the past.

2. Colin Delaney: No Joke – for about three weeks in January, Delaney was my favorite storyline in wrestling. Unfortunately, he turned into a weaker version of Shark Boy with all those bandages but I am still holding out hope that he is just playing possum.

1. Tony Chimel: Wait, what? Tony Chimel? As in the Smackdown announcer? Yup, that Tony Chimel. In researching this great post I made my way over to the WWECW website for the first time and noticed Chimel’s face on the WWECW superstars page. Obviously, we’re on the outside of some kind of inside joke but who cares. It’s WWECW baby!

So, here’s the deal. Let’s create a movement right now. Let’s be different and keep giving great reasons why WWECW is the best…thing…going…today!