Gina Carano Isn’t Done With MMA

The American Gladiator talks Kaitlin Young, CBS and her MMA career

Has it really been seven months since we saw Gina Carano fight for Elite XC? It certainly has, but it may not seem as long if you’re a fan of “American Gladiators” on NBC. Sure, her performance on that show is all well and good but true Carano fans have been anxiously awaiting her return to the cage. First we thought she would be fighting in February on the Kimbo-Tank card. Not so. Then we heard 3/29 on the Le-Shamrock telecast. Think again.

But, thankfully, the wait will soon be over (we hope) as Carano will face Kaitlin Young on the first Elite XC on CBS telecast on 5/31.

That fight, without a doubt, is the most important one in the history of women’s combat sports. Never before have two female fighters, whether it be in boxing or MMA, fought on such a highly-publicized card for free. Lots of pressure for the 25-year-old face of women’s MMA but considering her performance on the then-most important female MMA fight in history in February 2007 against Julie Kedzie on Elite XC’s inaugural Showtime telecast, we think she’ll do just fine. caught up with Carano in between “American Gladiators” tapings to talk about:

* Why it has taken so long for her to return to the Elite XC cage?
* Will her “American Gladiators” duties have a negative effect on her fighting career
* How is she juggling both careers and learning from the mistakes of how other fighters have dealt with fame
* Did EXC force her to come back too soon for the CBS show?
* Is she happy fighting for Elite XC?v * Her experiences on “American Gladiators”
* Her thoughts on Kaitlin Young
* Her take on the current female MMA scene

In all honesty, we talk to many fighters on a daily basis but we’d hard-pressed to find one more down-to-earth and humble than Carano. Just another reason to jump on the “Crush” bandwagon.