Meet One Of MMA’s Mosted Wanted Fighters

Jim Miller talks about his IFL debut and being courted by the UFC

Jim Miller last fought on March 7th. Since then, he was rumored to be fighting on last night’s Ultimate Fight Night show against Marcus Aurelio while also rumored to be making his International Fight League debut. Obviously, the IFL won out as Miller will be fighting on tomorrow night’s card against the very dangerous Bart “Bartimus” Palaszewski. MMARated Radio caught up with Miller just 24 hours before his bout to talk about a whole host of subjects:

* Why he didn’t end up fighting on UFN 13

* Is he happy fighting in the IFL after all

* His contract situation with the IFL

* Does he still hope to someday fight in the UFC

* His thoughts on Bart Palaszewski

* What we can expect from him tomorrow night

* How soon he would like a shot at the IFL lightweight title