Justin McCully Got Next

Check out my latest Fight Network column about Justin McCully here.

UFC Heavyweight contender Justin McCully stopped by The Park today to discuss a whole host of MMA/wrestling topics. Some of the issues we talked about included:

* How he missed a chance to fight Cheick Kongo

* Why he deserves to fight the winner of Kongo-Herring

* His health status

* His ten-year journey to UFC stardom

* How he got involved in professional wrestling and MMA

* His experiences while wrestling in Japan

* Turning down a WWE developmental deal to wrestle in the original ECW

* Why Bill DeMott ruined his WWE dreams

If you’ve seen McCully’s appearances on HDNet’s “Inside MMA” you know the man brings a lot of knowledge to the table. Add to the fact that he has a background in professional wrestling and he’ll always have a permanent seat at the JP Head Table.

Justin McCully – 01/15/08