Between Rounds With Maya & Shanelle

maya2.jpgIt’s been several weeks since we checked in with the lovely ladies at The Platinum Agency to talk a little combat sports. So, to make up for lost time (and to spice things up) we present Between Rounds with Maya (top) AND Shanelle (bottom). Consider this a sort of make believe combat menage-a-trois. They really treat us well over there.

Ariel Helwani: Are you a lover or a fighter?

Maya: Definitely more of a lover.
Shanelle: I’m a fighter for my loved ones. I would do just about anything for them including an elbow or rear choke!

AH: Would you ever date a fighter?

Maya: Yes, it would be a total turn-on knowing my man could (kick) anyone’s butt for me if he had to. Plus, muscles and six-packs are totally hot.
Shanelle: If my man became a fighter I would continue to date him and would love to watch him kick some butt. I would be really hard seeing him bleed.

AH: Which sport intrigues you the most: boxing, mixed-martial-arts or wrestling?

Maya: Boxing more than MMA for sure. Boxing has more discipline.
Shanelle: Mixed martial arts. It seems to have more techniques than boxing or wrestling. Because you fight with all your body parts – Legs, arms etc. It also is a training for fitness, confidence, meditation, self- defense and character development.

shanelle3.jpgAH: Who is your favorite professional fighter?

Maya: Oscar de la Hoya
Shanelle: Dong Haichuan, his moves inspire me. (Ed. note: Definitely the best answer we will ever get)
AH: Have you ever been to a live fight?

Maya: Yes, I was a ring girl a few times at some boxing matches. It was so much crazier live than what you see on TV! Those guys are tough…and sweaty…and bloody!
Shanelle: I have seen live fights, they weren’t professional though. When I was younger I felt excited (and) an adrenaline rush from watching people go at it. Lately, I don’t get much amusement from amateur fighting but more so interested on how all the techniques work in the professional realm.

AH: What do you think of female fighters?

Maya: They rock. Tough chicks can be super hot!
Shanelle: I think it’s great to know women are participating in the sport. There are strong and educated men and there are weak men. Just as there are strong and educated women and there are weak women.

AH: Would you ever consider stepping into the octagon or ring?

Maya: To fight?!? Ummm, not unless I wanted to get my ass kicked. (I’m) not much of a brawler. But maybe as a ring-card girl – they get the best seats in the house.
Shanelle: Yes I would! But only if I knew what I was doing and the other person had no idea what they were doing. That seems like a fair fight, right?

Between Rounds With…Jesse


Another week, another enlightening edition of Between Rounds with one of The Platinum Agency’s featured models. This time we’re going Between Rounds with…Jesse.

She likes combat sports. We like here.

1. Which sport intrigues you the most: boxing, mixed-martial-arts or wrestling?
I am very intrigued by all three sports. They each share such an individual intensity, but still maintain many differences. But hey, who am I kidding? You get to watch guys beating the crap out of each other! That’s just cool!

2. Who is your favorite professional fighter?
I recently met an up-and-coming welterweight boxer out of Pittsburgh – Sugar Ray Nahr. He is originally from Ghana, Africa and is incredible! He has this tall, lanky, lean frame. He looks like a distance runner, but he is so quick with his jabs. He knocked out his much stockier opponent in the beginning of the second round! He had me impressed! They say he may be the champion within the next year!

3. Did you enjoy going watching a fight in person?
Yes. (The Nahr Fight) was my first time ever to watch a match and it was so intense! The audience was all crazy and into it. Each fighter had their own entourage in opposite corners of the ring, people were yelling obscenities at each other! It was great! I could see the sweat spatterflying off their faces from the opponents’ punch just like in those Rocky movies! I had a nice front row seat!

4. What do you think of female fighters?
I think female fighters rock! It’s not probable that I’d want to go up against any of them….ok well maybe. Yeah, but they do their thing. I have total admiration for any badass woman who does her thing.

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Between Rounds With…Tami


Each week, we’ve been talking to another one of The Platinum Agency‘s featured models and getting their perspective on the world of combat sports. I must say it’s really been a great partnership.

Trust me, these girls aren’t just eye candy. They know the difference between jabs and jewelry, got it?

This week we go Between Rounds with…Tami

1. Which sport intrigues you the most: boxing, mixed-martial-arts or wrestling? I love mixed martial arts, the skill and determination it takes to really know your opponent. You just don’t have to worry about them punching you! You have to worry about punching, kicking, or them take your ass down and ground and pounding you!

2. Who is your favorite professional fighter? My favorite professional fighter is Randy Couture, cuz he doesn’t need to talk smack! He just proves it with his actions. But I also loved it when he “spanked” Tito Ortiz!!

3. Have you ever been to a live fight? If so, tell me about your experience. I went to The Ultimate Fighter 4 Finale. I loved being that close to the action. Hearing the kicks and punches. But also seeing people in the crowd like Shonie Carter, Dana White, and Joe Riggs!

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Between Rounds With…Kayla

The Platinum Agency continues to provide us with the best-looking (and smart!) models around. They really are great friends.

This week, we spoke with Kayla who might be the most knowledgeable (at least when it comes to combat sports) of the bunch thus far.

The Orlando native appears to be an avid fan of all things UFC…unless she is just trying to butter us up.

Decide for yourself as we go Between Rounds With…Kayla.

Between Rounds With…Natalie

Another week, another model talks to us about fighting. Tough life, I suppose.

Thanks to our partnership with The Platinum Agency, we spoke with Natalie (right) about the fight game and whole bunch of other topics.

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Tell them Jarry Park sent you. Then wait for them to reply: “who?”

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Between Rounds With…Ania

ania4.jpgWe interrupt your reading to bring you Ania – our latest guest on Between Rounds.

Each week, we’ll interview one of The Platinum Agency‘s models about the fight game to give our readers a different perspective on the world we love so much.

Be sure to visit The Platinum Agency for all your modeling needs. They are the best in the business.

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We Have Friends!

platinum_banner.jpg is proud to announce a new partnership with The Platinum Agency in Las Vegas. Each week, we’ll talk to another one of their featured models and get their perspective(!) on the world of combat sports.

Trust me, these girls aren’t just eye candy. They know the difference between jabs and jewelry, got it?

In turn, we’ll be providing them with…Actually, I’m not sure what we’ll be providing them with right now. I guess if they want advice on which fighters to bet on in Vegas we could help out?

Anyways, check out the Between Rounds tab for more.