Tito Ortiz Plans To Fight For Respect

The Huntington Beach Bad Boy Speaks Up

First came Fight Network Radio, then The Howard Stern Show followed by HollyScoop.com. So, naturally, it only made sense for Tito Ortiz to hit the final stop of “the big four” and make his debut at JarryPark.com.

I tried my best not to ask him the usual stuff we’ve been hearing and while some of it was inevitable you’ll definitely find some interesting nuggets in there.

First off, Ortiz discussed the highly-anticipated release of Zombie Strippers. I had to ask.

Then, we spoke about whether his fight against Lyoto Machida on 5/24 will, in fact, be his last for the UFC (while all signs point to yes he did seem to leave some hope). We later talked about the demise of Ken Shamrock and whether he believes the 44-year-old threw the Buzz Berry fight (completely ludicrous if you ask me).

Finally, we spoke about which promotions he may be interested in fighting for as well his run in TNA Wrestling. I always thought TNA could have done a hell of a lot more with Ortiz but he seemed to disagree.

As everyone knows by now, “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” pulls no punches in his interviews and this one was no different.

Tito Ortiz – 03/11/08

13 thoughts on “Tito Ortiz Plans To Fight For Respect”

  1. Nice, Ortiz – you’re on a roll dude.

    Although, he still pisses me off and I bet after all this talk he ends up staying. Book it.

  2. He does sound a bit whiny when he doesnt have any concrete examples as to why he feels disrespected.

    My money is on Elite XC. He’s gone and I really won’t miss him. He got his title shots and has done nothing to prove he is in the top 5.

    Awesome interview though.

  3. i think he used to be an ok person and a goodfighter.

    he seems like a guy who bought into his own hype.


    everyday you have someone keeps my interest.

    best site ever.

  4. I’m not sure who Tito thinks is going to pay him the kind of money he thinks he’s worth. I think Tito makes $250k to fight and another $250k to win. Who else is going to pay him that? Elites prize fighter is Kimbo whos banking $175k. Nobody in Elite or HDNet makes the kind of money Tito makes in the UFC.

  5. Glad you guys enjoyed the interview.

    If there was ever a good time to be a free agent it’s now so I think Tito will do relatively well if he stays or goes. Let’s say Elite XC does have their first CBS show in April. The next one will have to come some time in the Summer, right?

    A debuting Tito Ortiz might look very good on that card.

    However, I have a strange feeling he will partner with Golden Boy.

  6. Lyoto Machida cant b ranked 5th in the world cuz i can name at least 6 fighters that are ahead of him at LH: Quinton Jackson, Dan Henderson, Keith Jardine, Forrest Griffin, Chuck Liddel, and Mauricio Rua in order appearance on the top ten list. Notice there is no Tito Ortiz there? I think anyone would be hard pressed to put Tito in any top ten list of light heavies in the world. Tito u should be happy to have a shot at a true top 7 world class heavyweight who might help u get ur carreer back on the rise. I think the ufc’s reasoning on this match is “lets have lyoto whoop up Tito and make him worth even less than HE thinks”. I agree that Dana White is fairly shameless in his dealings with fighters i.e. the most recent undercard showing of Andrei Arlovski.

  7. Changin your tune there Tito, before you said you’ve never even heard of Machida and he was a poor match up
    Now you’re saying e’s top 5 in the world, you’re a complete idiot
    Shut up, stop whining, and stop blaming injuries
    Yeah I believe you were injured IN ALMOST EVERY FIGHT, but shut up will ya
    If you’re injured don’t fight

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