Who’s Sported The Greatest Mustache In Wrestling History?

Jon Chattman Counts Down Wrestling’s Finest ‘Staches

Listen, it’s not all fun and games at The Park. Sometimes we’ve got to do some dirty work, break news and even provide our residents with definitive combat sports lists. So, with that in mind, we present the top 5 greatest mustaches in pro wrestling history.

On April 1, Triad Publishing will be releasing a book co-authored by Jon Chattman and Rich Tarantino entitled “The Book of Bert: High-Class Stars With Some Hight-Class ‘Stache.” Now, you must understand that since my entire family is from the Middle-East, I am well-versed in the art of the mustache. So, naturally, my first inclination upon hearing about this book was that I must purchase it right away. However, once I heard that a) the authors were wrestling freaks just like I was and b) they actually devoted several sections of the book to wrasslin’ I knew right away that I must speak to these geniuses.

Take a listen as Jon Chattman awards the top 5 ‘staches in wrestling history and even exposes some of the more unfortunate ones to sprout. I dare you not to laugh at least a couple of times while listening to Jon analyze facial hair.

Jon Chattman – 03/13/08

For more on Jon check out his website at thecheappop.com. For more on ‘The Book of Bert’ click here AND for more on mustaches check out The American Mustache Institute.

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  1. Jah bless Raymond Rougeau. That guy deserves a hell of a lot more respect. Enjoyed this one…

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