The Chainsaw Is About To Rev Up Again

Charles McCarthy is ready to put 2007 behind him

Time to put UFC 82 to bed and focus our attention on the promotion’s 83rd pay-per-view offering – Serra-St.Pierre II from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. For obvious reasons, we’ll have extensive coverage of the UFC’s first foray into the great white north starting with today’s featured interview.

It’s been close to sixteen months since Charles “Chainsaw” McCarthy competed in the Octagon and on April 19th he will help introduce Michael Bisping to the the middleweight division.

Of course, McCarthy-Bisping marks The Count’s first UFC fight at 185 lbs and while some are considering McCarthy as a sacrificial lamb to get Bisping back on track, the American Top Team member has other plans in mind.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

* His time away from the UFC

* Thoughts on Michael Bisping the fighter

* His take on Hammill-Bisping

* The state of the Middleweight division

* How he would attempt to defeat Anderson Silva

Charles McCarthy – 03/05/08

3 thoughts on “The Chainsaw Is About To Rev Up Again”

  1. I don’t think it would be too crazy to bet on him winning.

    Bisping is WAY overrated in my books.

    Wasn’t mccarthy kind of a shit disturber on TUF 4 or am I thinking of someone else?

  2. Not really. Shonie Carter messed with him on one particular episode though. He pretended to pick him for a fight but it was just a prank.

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