Saturday In The Park: Japanese Bug Fights II

If you’re a loyal visitor to The Park you might have noticed some subtle changes around these parts. First, we now present a daily combat sports interview instead of bunching them up on any given day. The reason for this is we like to give our listeners at least 24 hours to digest everything a fighter has to say.

Another exciting modification is this new “Saturday In The Park” post that will conveniently run on Saturdays (also my way of paying homage to that great Chicago song).

So to break up the daily awesomeness of our interviews, The Park will present something light, fun and a bit wacky from the combat sports world each and every Saturday. Today, it’s another amazing installment from the world of Japanese Bug Fighting!

The first time I posted one of these epic clashes, I quietly received a lot of praise for discovering one of the greatest forms of combat sports ever invented. So, here we are again. This time it’s a wasp against a mantis. The bugs are fighting at a catch weight of 0.5 lbs.

This one is a little Randy Couture vs. Tim Sylvia mixed with Roy Jones Jr. vs. John Ruiz. That little wasp – he sure does have a ton of fight in him. Meanwhile, the poor mantis’ head seemed to be elsewhere on this particular evening. Some have called this the 2008 version of David slaying the Goliath. Perhaps, but I just look at it as a wasp executing a tremendous game plan from the get-go.

Oh, and enjoy UFC 80 and/or Trinidad-Jones. Much to the dismay of my wallet I will be watching both. Should be a fun little Saturday in the park.