Your New WEC Lightweight Champ Is Here

Fresh off his thrilling WEC Lightweight title victory over “Razor” Rob McCullough, new champ Jamie Varner returned to The Park to discuss the bout. Varner appeared to be quite the confident fighter in his first appearance around these parts a few months back and, wouldn’t you know it, he actually backed up his words when most weren’t giving him much of a chance. Some of the topics we disscused included:

* What’s it like to finally be crowned champion?

* Did Razor’s trash-talking leading up to the bout piss him off?

* Was he surprised that he knocked him out?

* His game plan going into the fight

* His underestimated boxing skills

* The timeout controversy

* Who will be his first opponent as champ? (Hint: He thinks it will be in June against the winner Marcus Hicks v. Ed Ratcliffe)

* Any interest in unifying the WEC and UFC Lightweight titles?

* His prediction for Sherk vs. Penn

Jamie Varner – 02/19/08

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Park Memories: McCullough & Varner Engage In A War Of Words

Bad News: My computer is still sick.

Good News: We should be good-to-go in a couple of days.

Bad News: I haven’t been able to talk about what is shaping up to be one of the better weeks in combat sports (Quintana over Williams? Wow.)

Good News: A few months back, I spoke with WEC Lightweight champ “Razor” Rob McCullough and Jamie Varner to preview their upcoming title bout. Well, as you all know, that match goes down tomorrow night and since I suspect many missed these interviews due to the holidays, here they are again. Enjoy the fights.

Rob McCullough

Jamie Varner

(photo courtesy of Zuffa, LLC)

Jamie Varner Really Likes His Chances Against Razor Rob

It’s official! Jamie Varner (right) will challenge “Razor” Rob McCullough for the WEC Lightweight title at the promotion’s next event February 13, 2008. The 23-year-old fighter told The Park he signed his contract for the bout yesterday.

We certainly found it a little weird that the WEC organization didn’t mention who McCullough would be defending his title against at their last show but I guess we now know why.

Nevertheless, Varner (13-2-0, 2 NC) says he has been training for his shot at the title since September and feels his wrestling skills will pose a big problem for McCullough – a five-time Muay Thai champion.

This contest will be Varner’s second for the WEC after fighting twice in the UFC. And while he appears to be extremely happy with his move to World Extreme Cagefighting he still has very serious plans to someday capture the UFC Lightweight belt.

I caught up with Varner to talk about his huge match against Razor Rob, how he ended up in the WEC and where he ranks himself among the top 155-pound fighters in the world.

Jamie Varner – 12/21/07

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