The Jarry Park Wrestling Awards

Several weeks ago we presented our Jarry Park MMA Awards. Those proved to be such a success we then decided to roll out our Jarry Park Boxing Awards. So, it only made sense to end the year off with our Jarry Park Wrestling Award show. To help hand out the prizes we invited the producer/co-host of Fight Network Radio and Live Audio Wrestling, John Pollock, to do the honors.

For the record our categories are:
* Male wrestler of the year
* Female wrestler of the year
* Tag team of the year
* Feud/storyline of the year
* Match of the year
* Most improved wrestler of the year
* Worst wrestler of the year
* Best PPV of the year
* Promotion of the year
* Best book or DVD of the year
* Feud you would like to see in ‘08

I will forever remember 2007 has one of the most tragic years in professional wrestling. It’s hard to recall the highlights amidst all the negativity but, as you will hear below, John does a great job of looking back at the year that was. Enjoy.

The Jarry Park Wrestling Awards with John Pollock

The Jarry Park Boxing Awards

A few weeks ago, we presented our first-ever MMA awards show. And, boy, was it a hit. The MMA world is still buzzing over our decisions. Seriously, they are.

So, the next logical step was to come out with…The 2007 Jarry Park Boxing Awards.

And who better than the Sweet Scientist himself, Larz from No Mas Online, to hand out those awards. We actually invited some of the biggest boxing writers out there to challenge Larz but, alas, no takers. I can’t say I’m surprised, really. The guy is ruthless.

For the record, here are our categories:
*Fight of the Year
*Round of the year
*Fighter of the Year
*Knockout of the year
*Most Improved Fighter
*Most Disappointing fighter
*Upset of the Year
*Comeback of the year
*Weight class of the year
*Trainer of the year
*Fight you are most looking forward to in ‘08

Now, I know what you’re thinking: How can you close the book on ’07 when there is still one mega-fight left in Mayweather vs. Hatton? Well, Larz has assured me that it won’t live up to the hype and will be fairly one-sided in Mayweather’s favor so we decided to beat everyone to the punch (pardon the pun) and present our awards.

Let the debating begin…

The Jarry Park Boxing Awards

The Jarry Park MMA Awards

Yeah, that’s right – we’ve been around a month and have already decided to create our own award ceremonies. We begin with The First Annual Jarry Park MMA Awards (catchy title, eh?)…

What a year it’s been in the world of Mixed-Martial-Arts. Huge upsets, great fights, dream match-ups, contract disputes…definitely one to remember. Sure there are still two months left in the year but I wanted to get a leg up on the competition and break out our awards. (Our Boxing and Wrestling “ceremonies” are on the way.)

So, I rounded up the hosts of Fight Opinion Radio, Jeff Thaler and Zach Arnold, to hand out the awards. For the record, our categories are:

  • Fight of the year in each of the five major weight classes
  • Fighter of the year in each of the five major weight classes
  • Promotion of the year
  • Biggest headline of the year
  • Best event of the year
  • Most disappointing fighter of the year
  • Most disappointing fight of the year
  • Most anticipated fight of ’08

The Jarry Park MMA Awards