Patrycja Mikula Plays A Good Ol’ Fashioned Game of ‘True Or False’

Patrycja Mikula Discusses Andrei Arlovoski’s Future & More

l_185cc634f2575bc88871cd0c19b899cb.jpgIt’s a question that has been on the minds of MMA fans for several months: Will Andrei Arlovski re-sign with the UFC or choose to fight elsewhere?

Obviously, “the Pitbull” has kept his lips sealed so I decided to bypass him and go straight for the person closest to the former Heavyweight champ – girlfriend Patrycja Mikula (photo courtesy of her tremendous MySpace page).

If you are fan of Playboy Magazine you might be familiar with Patrycja’s work. She’s the girl who tends to not be wearing much.

More importantly, she is also a full-time resident of Jarry Park and was kind enough to talk about her beau’s future and even play a special game “True or False.”

Some of the questions she answered in the game were:

* Was this Arlovski’s last fight in the UFC?

* Does Arlovski abstain from any kind of sexual relation before a bout?

* What’s his groupie situation like?

That’s just a taste. Plenty more fun from Patrycja down below.

Patrycja Mikula – 03/04/08

By the way, hope everyone enjoys the fruits of our improved audio system as well as the new intro.

Park Prognostication: The Ultimate Fighter Finale

After interviewing Andrei Arlovski’s better half, Patrycja Mikula, last week I realized that this girl really knows her UFC. So, I offered her a lucrative long-term deal to become The Park’s official Swami. I think this was a great move on my part.

Before every UFC show, Patrycja will make her picks and post them on this here site. I will also post mine, too. Who knows maybe the beast will finally outsmart the beauty.

I encourage everyone to write-in their own picks as well. At the end of the year the person with the most correct selections will win a special prize. Post yours in the comments section below. For the full card click here.

Patrycja’s Prognostication:
1. Roger Huerta
2. Tommy Speer
3. Jared Rollins
4. Geore Sotiropoulos
5. John Kolosci
6. Richie Hightower
7. Ben Saunders
8. Dorian Price
9. Paul Georgieff

JarryPark’s Picks:
1. Roger Huerta
2. Mac Danzig
3. Jared Rollins
4. George Sotiropoulos
5. Matt Arroyo
6. Troy Mandaloniz
7. Ben Saunders
8. Roman Mitichyan
9. Jonathan Goulet

Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below. Good luck!

Patrycja Mikula Wants Your Undivided Attention

Meet Patrycja Mikula (left). She’s a Playboy Cyber Girl, a one-time IFL ring card girl and an all around great lady. Oh, she’s also Andrei Arlovski‘s girlfriend.

You remember Arlovski, right? The guy who beat Fabricio Werdum at UFC 70 in what was supposed to be a match for the number one heavyweight contender. However, apparently Dana White thought Arlovoski didn’t do enough to earn that status so he went back on his word and he hasn’t been seen or heard from since (unless you count his appearance on The Jerry Springer Show). With the Heavyweight division so wide open since Randy Couture’s departure one would think that the former champ would resurface, but alas, no Pitbull.

On top of trying to find out where Arlovski has been hiding I also spoke to Patrycja about all things MMA. Listen to our interview and you’ll quickly find out that this Polish Princess really knows her stuff. She also firmly addresses Internet speculation that she is to blame for any Arlovksi’s shortcomings in the Octagon.

Enjoy the best-looking guest to come to The Park since…well, since ever.

Patrycja Mikula – 12/06/07

Get used to seeing Patrycja around these parts as she will be our official prognosticator before every big UFC event. She’ll drop her predictions and knowledge on us and then we can all compare and have a good laugh after she continuously picks all the correct winners. Witaj, Patrycja! (I believe that means hello or greetings in Polish but I’m probably wrong.)