Tristan Yunker’s Weekend From Hell

yunker.jpgLet us review how rough last weekend was for one Tristan Yunker:

* He does an interview with and finds out that his opponent at HDNet Fights Reckless Abandon, Pete Spratt, thinks he’s talking smack about him when he claims he never was.

* He fails to make weight for his bout against Spratt.

* They end up fighting anyways and he is forced to quit 1:25 into the fight due to a cut he sustained over his eye. Although, as you will hear in our interview, Yunker claims he never verbally submitted.

* In the post-fight conference he announced that he will be taking off 6-12 months from competing to avoid burn out.

Hopefully, this past weekend treated you a little better, Tristan.

I caught up with Yunker to discuss the events leading up to his fight against Spratt and what the future holds for his still-promising career. Something tells me we’ll be seeing a better Tristan Yunker whenever he decides to resume fighting.

Tristan Yunker – 12/26/07

Ready For The Big Stage

MMA Fighter Tristan Yunker is tired of talking trash. Makes sense considering the fact that in the weeks leading up to his last fight (against Rob Kimmons) he appeared to have spent more time smack-talking than focusing on his game plan.

Unfortunately, the 22-year-old lost his bout to Kimmons in the first round via rear naked choke. Did the trash talking have anything to do with his defeat? Who knows but Yunker (11-6) is certainly taking another approach to his upcoming fight against Pete Spratt at HDNet Fights Reckless Abandon this Saturday night. A more respectful approach.

When we spoke to Spratt (16-10) last month he seemed convinced that Yunker was calling him out but, as you will hear in our interview, Yunker denies everything. And you know what? I believe him. Actually, he was rather complimentary of the former UFC star.

Needless to say, both men must focus on the task at hand because they need a win in the worst way. Yunker will look to erase the memory of his loss to Kimmons and Spratt, who appears to have his heart still set on returning to the UFC, will have to build on his last HDNet Fights win against TJ Waldburger to get noticed all over again.

Take a listen as Yunker breaks down his fight against Spratt, the loss to Kimmons and his failure to land a spot on The Ultimate Fighter twice.

Tristan Yunker – 12/13/07