Dan “The Beast” Severn Just Keeps On Tickin’

The UFC Hall of Famer looks back on his legendary career

They don’t get much more legendary than Dan “The Beast” Severn (left). Seriously, I could have asked Severn eight hours worth of questions with regards to his MMA and pro wrestling careers but instead I settled on forty minutes. And, boy, did we cover a lot:

* Why he continues to fight

* When he expects to retire for good

* His thoughts on the current MMA scene

* Did he ever think the sport would become so popular

* The success of so many amateur wrestlers in MMA

* Lesnar-Coleman predictions

* Getting stripped of the NWA title prior to the first TNA show

* The biggest regret of his career

* His time in the WWF/E

It’s not often that you get to speak to a legend who has excelled in wrestling and MMA so it was obviously a great thrill to chat with “The Beast.”

Dan Severn – 03/17/08

2 thoughts on “Dan “The Beast” Severn Just Keeps On Tickin’”

  1. Dan is a class act! The UFC needs to address the trailblazers and make sure they are taken care of! Dana White would note have a job if it weren’t for guys like Dan.
    Thanks Dan for taking the risks you did!

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