Frank Shamrock’s Best-Looking Fan

Model Ashley Mulls talks a little combat sports

picture-1.pngIt’s very easy to ask some fighter, journalist or fellow fan their thoughts on the combat world but can you ask a model? That’s the real test my friends.

So, on that note, today we go toe-to-toe with model Ashley Mull. She is one of the Platinum Agency‘s top talents. She also kind of looks like Trish Stratus, don’t you think?

AH: Good morning, Ashley. So, tell me, are you a lover or a fighter?

AM: I am a bit of both at times. I am passionate, loving, and I love to make people happy but I can also be a fighter. I am so passionate that I will fight for what I believe is right even if I’m wrong! Can I add stubborn to that list too?

AH: Hmm…maybe. The obvious next question is would you ever date a fighter?

ashley32.jpgAM: I would date anyone that can catch my eye, make me laugh, give me goose bumps and butterflies. If he happens to be a fighter I would be his #1 fan! Only if he doesn’t mind that I close my eyes during his fight!

ashley1.jpg AH: Sorry I’m taken. N-E-Wayz, which sport intrigues you the most: boxing, MMA or pro wrestling?

AM: Boxing is the sport that will always have my interest. It is such a classic! Blood, sweat, testosterone all in one ring…sheesh! I think boxers are very dignified. Ali was the greatest. Plus those silk shorts are so sexy.

AH: Sheesh is right. But on a more serious note who is your favorite professional fighter? Ali?

AM: Frank Shamrock is one of my favorites. Especially because I met him and his brother Ken a few years ago in Colorado and had a great time with them. He’s a great guy; funny, nice, and down-to-earth.

AH: The Shamrocks, eh? Very interesting. Have you ever been to a live fight?

AM: I was a ring girl for a couple fights a few years ago. I had never even seen a fight before and I sat front row. It was intense! I never thought I could be in so much pain just from watching two guys fight. The worst part was getting up after each round and having to walk around the ring with a smile on my face while the ring was being cleaned up because of all the blood.

AH: What a strange working environment. What do you think of female fighters?

AM: I have a lot of respect for female fighters. It takes a lot of courage to get in that ring and fight another woman. Women are vicious and can fight just as hard as any other guy out there. I have seen a vicious female fight and swore I would never step foot in a ring.

AH: I know what you mean. I have seen a couple of those in my day. Would you ever consider stepping into the octagon or ring?

AM: No way Jose!

AH: Actually it’s Ariel but whatev…

AM: Being a ring girl is one thing, having my face pounded in by another angry woman’s fist is another. I can hold my own for sure, but I like my teeth too much to sacrifice them! You can fight, I’ll watch from here!

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