Michael Bisping Is Done Talking Trash

“The Count” Fires Back At Charles McCarthy One Last Time

Did you hear? Charles McCarthy isn’t impressed with Michael Bisping. Also, Bisping thinks McCarthy runs his mouth too much. Oh, and McCarthy wants to put Bisping to sleep…

Give these two credit, though, as they’ve definitely surpassed Lutter-Franklin in the hype department for UFC 83. Solid trash-talking between two combatants can do that for fight.

MMARated Radio wanted to give “The Count” the last word since McCarthy has done his fair share of talking so we caught up with him just days before his UFC middleweight debut. Some of the topics we discussed included:

* Does he feel disrespected by McCarthy?
* Why all the hate?
* What does he think of McCarthy?
* Is McCarthy a step down for him?
* Why the move to 185?
* Was it a long time coming?
* Will he have trouble making weight?
* Does he still hear about the Hammill incident from fans?
* Does he expect to be booed in Montreal?
* Where does he fit in the middleweight division?

All that and much more from a very open Bisping.

LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW AT MMARATED.COM Heath Herring Wants Another Crack At Minotauro

“The Texas Crazy Horse” Weighs In On The UFC’s Heavyweight Landscape

It’s a great time to be a heavyweight in the UFC as that particular division is as wide open as ever. Randy Couture? Gone. Tim Sylvia? Gone. Mirko Cro Cop? Gone. Andrei Arlovski? Maybe gone. Fedor Emelianenko? No Chance. Josh Barnett? You must be kidding.

So, that pretty much leaves champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and everyone else fighting for second place. One of those fighters is Heath Herring, however, he’s already lost to Minotauro three times, most recently in July at UFC 73. Nevertheless, should “The Texas Crazy Horse” continue to build on his most recent victory against Cheick Kongo at UFC 82, one has to wonder if he’ll receive a fourth crack at Nogueira. Herring certainly hopes so.

MMARated Radio spoke to Herring about the topic of facing Nogueira again and much more:

* His victory over Kongo

* His thoughts on his UFC career thus far

* Is he happy in the UFC?

* How many fights are left on his contract?

* Should he receive a fourth shot against Minotauro?

* The infamous Yoshihiro Nakao kissing incident

* Does he regret it?

* His thoughts on Spike using the kiss footage to sell his UFC debut

All that and much more from a very candid Herring.

Say It Ain’t So, Anderson

You know what really pisses me off? All this boxing vs. MMA talk. So, you can imagine how I feel about the prospects of UFC Middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, fighting former pound-for-pound boxing king, Roy Jones Jr. Why are we so obsessed with answering this “debate” anyways? I don’t see hockey and figure skating fans arguing over which one of their athletes is more talented than the other and that’s the best comparison I can make as to how idiotic these discussions are. Just because MMA fighters and boxers punch doesn’t mean they should be compared to one another. End of story. Now can we please talk about Silva-Okami II instead?

That said I can understand why everyone is so anxious to pit a boxer against a mixed martial artist. It’s the same reason why Kobayashi once ate hot dogs against a bear on national television and Michael Jordan was (briefly) accepted as a baseball player. We applaud athletes who compete out of their comfort zone and, even more so, encourage it.

But if you REALLY want to see Silva and Jones get it on let me save you the 50 bucks and explain what will happen:


The UFC On The Pages Of Playboy?

Word on the street, according Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, is that “Rachelle Leah of UFC All Access will be doing a Playboy cover.”

The moment I read this little nugget of testosterone I instantly thought: “What a strange choice.”

Now, we all figured it was only a matter time before the UFC and Playboy got in bed together (get it?). Both cater to the same demo and being associated with the likes of Playboy will only further solidify the fact that the UFC has gone mainstream. The bunny has certainly worked wonders for the World Wrestling Entertainment divas so it all makes sense from a business and exposure standpoint.

However, I find it strange that Playboy would choose Leah over, say, current Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste (and, by the way, since we are on the topic of Octagon Girls, why is everyone getting all heated and emotional about these lovely ladies on the Internet? Look around, there appears to be an abundance of weird commentary being written on this topic in the MMA blogosphere).


A Long Time Coming

i.jpgThe last time the UFC held an event in Colorado was on December 16, 1995, and while it took over twelve years to return they definitely made up for lost time with an explosive Ultimate Fight Night card. Stunning KOs, surprising finishes and a hot crowd made for another exciting night of fights courtesy of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Let’s take a look at the main storylines coming out of the show:

The Kenny Florian train continues to roll since his loss to Sean Sherk in October 2006 with a victory over Joe Lauzon. A great showing by Lauzon fighting in his first UFC main event but one has to wonder what kind of damage that cut on the top of his head did to his psyhce. I’m guessing not much since he had plenty of opportunities to finish Florian in the first round. J-Lau has nothing to be ashamed of as I think this fight solidifies the fact that his days of fighting on the untelevised fights are over for good.

So, Houston Alexander may not be the real deal after all. Who would have thunk it? Now, it’s one thing to get exposed on the ground by a superior BJJ fighter in Thiago Silva but getting knocked out by James Irvin in eight seconds is pretty devastating stuff. I wish Alexander would have also been a little more gracious in defeat. Remember how he claimed Keith Jardine didn’t rock him in their fight even though that was clearly the case? Same deal last night except he didn’t end up winning this one. Anyhow, good for James Irvin. He’s scored some notable wins over the likes of Terry Martin, Doug Marshall and Scott Smith but this has to be considered the highest-profile victory of his career.


Rampage Jackson Makes Me Work Hard

The UFC’s Light Heavyweight champ talks TUF 7 & more

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is probably being pulled in 800 different directions nowadays. He is arguably the most marketable MMA fighter around and he is also about to star on the seventh season of The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV (season premiere is on 4/2 @ 10 pm).

Nevertheless, he was kind enough to take a couple minutes out of his busy press tour this afternoon to talk to Jarry Park. I was hoping to get the happy-go-lucky Rampage but instead I got the to-the-point Rampage.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

* Why he agreed to do the show

* His upcoming bout against Forrest Griffin

* Whether Chuck Liddell deserves a third crack at him

* John Cena stealing his chain gimmick

And these are some of the topics he didn’t want to talk about:

* The Nike commercial he is rumored to be starring in

* Whether or not his trainer Juanito Ibarra would appear on TUF 7

* Any TUF 7 specifics

* Elliott Spitzer’s love life.

Oh well, worth a shot…

Quinton Jackson – 03/26/08

Tito Ortiz Plans To Fight For Respect

The Huntington Beach Bad Boy Speaks Up

First came Fight Network Radio, then The Howard Stern Show followed by So, naturally, it only made sense for Tito Ortiz to hit the final stop of “the big four” and make his debut at

I tried my best not to ask him the usual stuff we’ve been hearing and while some of it was inevitable you’ll definitely find some interesting nuggets in there.

First off, Ortiz discussed the highly-anticipated release of Zombie Strippers. I had to ask.

Then, we spoke about whether his fight against Lyoto Machida on 5/24 will, in fact, be his last for the UFC (while all signs point to yes he did seem to leave some hope). We later talked about the demise of Ken Shamrock and whether he believes the 44-year-old threw the Buzz Berry fight (completely ludicrous if you ask me).

Finally, we spoke about which promotions he may be interested in fighting for as well his run in TNA Wrestling. I always thought TNA could have done a hell of a lot more with Ortiz but he seemed to disagree.

As everyone knows by now, “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” pulls no punches in his interviews and this one was no different.

Tito Ortiz – 03/11/08

The Chainsaw Is About To Rev Up Again

Charles McCarthy is ready to put 2007 behind him

Time to put UFC 82 to bed and focus our attention on the promotion’s 83rd pay-per-view offering – Serra-St.Pierre II from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. For obvious reasons, we’ll have extensive coverage of the UFC’s first foray into the great white north starting with today’s featured interview.

It’s been close to sixteen months since Charles “Chainsaw” McCarthy competed in the Octagon and on April 19th he will help introduce Michael Bisping to the the middleweight division.

Of course, McCarthy-Bisping marks The Count’s first UFC fight at 185 lbs and while some are considering McCarthy as a sacrificial lamb to get Bisping back on track, the American Top Team member has other plans in mind.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

* His time away from the UFC

* Thoughts on Michael Bisping the fighter

* His take on Hammill-Bisping

* The state of the Middleweight division

* How he would attempt to defeat Anderson Silva

Charles McCarthy – 03/05/08

The Iceman Cometh With A Lot On His Mind

Chuck Liddell talks UFC 85 and his legendary exploits outside the cage

Joey Sports Fan: Yo, Chuck, what do you think about Shogun’s injury?

Chuck Liddell: It’s sucks man…Really sucks.

Joey Sports Fan: Yeah.

Chuck Liddell: Ya.

Joey Sports Fan: You know what? You should go to this cool-ass site called and talk about having no opponent for UFC 85 and who you want to fight next.

Chuck Liddell: What’s

Joey Sports Fan: Well, it’s this…

Chuck Liddell: Just kidding. I know what it is. Duh. I go there everyday to hear all their great interviews. Great idea! I’ll call that Canadian dude who runs the site and we’ll talk a little Shogun, my future and other MMA news like the CBS/Elite XC deal.

Joey Sports Fan: Awesome! You should also talk about all your exploits outside the Octagon – if you know what I mean. I hear you’re the next Wilt Chamberlain.

Chuck Liddell: Ha. Not quite but another great idea! I’ll talk about the time I had sex four hours before a fight and the time I did an interview while actually doing it!

Joey Sports Fan: Really? That’s amazing!

Chuck Liddell: Yup, but for all the juicy info you’ll have to check out the interview…gotta run.

Chuck Liddell – 03/04/08

(P.S. That convo never happened but I sort of dreamed it would all go down like that at some point. I called him – he certainly didn’t call me – but, still, a really fun interview.)

Patrycja Mikula Plays A Good Ol’ Fashioned Game of ‘True Or False’

Patrycja Mikula Discusses Andrei Arlovoski’s Future & More

l_185cc634f2575bc88871cd0c19b899cb.jpgIt’s a question that has been on the minds of MMA fans for several months: Will Andrei Arlovski re-sign with the UFC or choose to fight elsewhere?

Obviously, “the Pitbull” has kept his lips sealed so I decided to bypass him and go straight for the person closest to the former Heavyweight champ – girlfriend Patrycja Mikula (photo courtesy of her tremendous MySpace page).

If you are fan of Playboy Magazine you might be familiar with Patrycja’s work. She’s the girl who tends to not be wearing much.

More importantly, she is also a full-time resident of Jarry Park and was kind enough to talk about her beau’s future and even play a special game “True or False.”

Some of the questions she answered in the game were:

* Was this Arlovski’s last fight in the UFC?

* Does Arlovski abstain from any kind of sexual relation before a bout?

* What’s his groupie situation like?

That’s just a taste. Plenty more fun from Patrycja down below.

Patrycja Mikula – 03/04/08

By the way, hope everyone enjoys the fruits of our improved audio system as well as the new intro.