The Iceman Cometh With A Lot On His Mind

March 4, 2008

Joey Sports Fan: Yo, Chuck, what do you think about Shogun’s injury?

Chuck Liddell: It’s sucks man…Really sucks.

Joey Sports Fan: Yeah.

Chuck Liddell: Ya.

Joey Sports Fan: You know what? You should go to this cool-ass site called and talk about having no opponent for UFC 85 and who you want to fight next.

Chuck Liddell: What’s

Joey Sports Fan: Well, it’s this…

Chuck Liddell: Just kidding. I know what it is. Duh. I go there everyday to hear all their great interviews. Great idea! I’ll call that Canadian dude who runs the site and we’ll talk a little Shogun, my future and other MMA news like the CBS/Elite XC deal.

Joey Sports Fan: Awesome! You should also talk about all your exploits outside the Octagon – if you know what I mean. I hear you’re the next Wilt Chamberlain.

Chuck Liddell: Ha. Not quite but another great idea! I’ll talk about the time I had sex four hours before a fight and the time I did an interview while actually doing it!

Joey Sports Fan: Really? That’s amazing!

Chuck Liddell: Yup, but for all the juicy info you’ll have to check out the interview…gotta run.

Chuck Liddell – 03/04/08

(P.S. That convo never happened but I sort of dreamed it would all go down like that at some point. I called him – he certainly didn’t call me – but, still, a really fun interview.)

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  2. This is amazing. Much respect for this one AH.

    By Kruger on Mar 4, 2008

  3. First time…but I dig your site man. Not sure why I haven’t heard of it but great work all around.

    By Grady on Mar 4, 2008

  4. He sort of sounds like that infamous NYQuil interview.

    By Dubs on Mar 4, 2008

  5. Thanks Kruger and welcome Grady!

    By AH on Mar 4, 2008

  6. Now I have to read his book after hearing what you guys were talking about.

    By steve24 on Mar 4, 2008

  7. Nice little new intro you got before the interviews. But please dont turn into the sherdog radio network. I know you won’t but just throwing it out there.

    Real bummed out about the news that Shogun blew his knee up. I think it would’ve been a nice war.

    The LHW division is fairly tied up as of right now. Rampage/Forrest, Tito/Machida, Sokoudjou/Nakamura, Rashad/Thiago and Silva/Jardine. That pretty much ties up the top tier fighters in the LHW division. I would love to see Dan Henderson go back to the weight he truly wants to fight at since we all know he only came down to unify the belts and give Zuffa a formidable opponent for Anderson Silva.

    I’m calling it now Dangerous Dan Henderson vs Chuck The Iceman Liddell.. I also call Hendo by TKO

    By Matt on Mar 4, 2008

  8. If this interview doesn’t hit all the other MMA sites, I’m not sure what will.

    By steve24 on Mar 4, 2008

  9. Matt – Don’t worry…I won’t go Sherdog on you guys. I just wanted to spice things up a bit with the new site coming too. It will never get any longer than that – I swear.

    Interesting suggestion re: Hendo. I didn’t really think about that but it kind of makes a lot of sense. Someone call Joe Silva!

    steve24 – I hear you my friend. I am certainly doing my best to promote this one.

    By AH on Mar 4, 2008

  10. I’m not sure if Hendo is the greatest idea. Sure it makes sense to us. But how do you market Hendo to the casual fan if he loses to Chuck? That will be 3 in a row.

    By steve24 on Mar 4, 2008

  11. I can’t believe you’ve got the balls to keep asking these guys about their sex lives. Haha.

    By on Mar 4, 2008

  12. I’m just looking for the facts and, um, inquiring minds would like to know.

    steve24 – I know what you’re saying but it can be built as the fight to save his career. His last win was against Wandy, Chuck just beat Wandy etc. If all those other contenders are really booked he seems to be the only big name option out there. I’m sure he won’t be picked though.

    By AH on Mar 4, 2008

  13. loose that rooster, holy christ is that cheezy.

    By oo718oo on Mar 4, 2008

  14. Well, since we’re always posting interviews first thing in the morning I thought it would be a propos. Sort of like a rise and shine welcome.

    By AH on Mar 4, 2008

  15. I bet he’s at least banged a couple thousands. If not Wilt he could probably surpass Magic Johnson at some point.

    By Bam Bam on Mar 5, 2008

  16. I’m thinking Sanchez or Henderson…

    By Matthew Michaels on Mar 5, 2008

  17. Sanchez? Which HW is named sanchez?

    By Bam Bam on Mar 5, 2008

  18. I meant LHW

    By Bam Bam on Mar 5, 2008

  19. I laughed my ass off when Chuck laughed and said you were funny. Hilarious and amazing interview. Good job Ariel.

    By John Chandler on Mar 5, 2008

  20. Thanks John. Glad you enjoyed that.

    Reading around the Internet, I guess some people don’t like the questions I ask but, hell, I will die of boredom if I have to keep asking “so, how do you think the fight will go.”

    By AH on Mar 5, 2008

  21. Obviously those you interview don’t really mind all that much so it’s nothing to worry about.

    Look at this snazzy new design. I like it.

    By John Chandler on Mar 5, 2008

  22. I love your interviews Ariel. You really get some interesting information that most people would be afraid to ask or just wouldn’t think of asking. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and it seems like a lot of people are more open to answering than you would expect.

    I agree that asking the same questions everyone else asks and getting same answers would be boring and that’s exactly why I listen to your interviews. Keep up the good work!

    By bosstweed on Mar 5, 2008

  23. Thank you very much for the kind words bosstweed.

    As long as the residents Jarry Park are happy the mayor of the Park is happy (ok no more park “jokes”).

    Seriously, though, thanks.

    By AH on Mar 5, 2008

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