Patrycja Mikula Plays A Good Ol’ Fashioned Game of ‘True Or False’

March 4, 2008

l_185cc634f2575bc88871cd0c19b899cb.jpgIt’s a question that has been on the minds of MMA fans for several months: Will Andrei Arlovski re-sign with the UFC or choose to fight elsewhere?

Obviously, “the Pitbull” has kept his lips sealed so I decided to bypass him and go straight for the person closest to the former Heavyweight champ – girlfriend Patrycja Mikula (photo courtesy of her tremendous MySpace page).

If you are fan of Playboy Magazine you might be familiar with Patrycja’s work. She’s the girl who tends to not be wearing much.

More importantly, she is also a full-time resident of Jarry Park and was kind enough to talk about her beau’s future and even play a special game “True or False.”

Some of the questions she answered in the game were:

* Was this Arlovski’s last fight in the UFC?

* Does Arlovski abstain from any kind of sexual relation before a bout?

* What’s his groupie situation like?

That’s just a taste. Plenty more fun from Patrycja down below.

Patrycja Mikula – 03/04/08

By the way, hope everyone enjoys the fruits of our improved audio system as well as the new intro.

  1. 5 Responses to “Patrycja Mikula Plays A Good Ol’ Fashioned Game of ‘True Or False’”

  2. Love the new sounding audio quality and that intro. Good stuff man.

    I like the hotties you feature too. Dayum.

    Next time ask her more about the party after the fight.

    By Dubs on Mar 4, 2008

  3. She had to pay $500 for her tix? Wow, that’s just wrong. Especially the draw that AA brings he should be getting a dozen front row tix for free. I know many other fighters that do.

    By steve24 on Mar 4, 2008

  4. The UFC hates hot ass girlfriends. It’s pretty clear at this point.

    Props to Big Nog for trying to mack her up.

    By Bam Bam on Mar 4, 2008

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