Rampage Jackson Makes Me Work Hard

The UFC’s Light Heavyweight champ talks TUF 7 & more

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is probably being pulled in 800 different directions nowadays. He is arguably the most marketable MMA fighter around and he is also about to star on the seventh season of The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV (season premiere is on 4/2 @ 10 pm).

Nevertheless, he was kind enough to take a couple minutes out of his busy press tour this afternoon to talk to Jarry Park. I was hoping to get the happy-go-lucky Rampage but instead I got the to-the-point Rampage.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

* Why he agreed to do the show

* His upcoming bout against Forrest Griffin

* Whether Chuck Liddell deserves a third crack at him

* John Cena stealing his chain gimmick

And these are some of the topics he didn’t want to talk about:

* The Nike commercial he is rumored to be starring in

* Whether or not his trainer Juanito Ibarra would appear on TUF 7

* Any TUF 7 specifics

* Elliott Spitzer’s love life.

Oh well, worth a shot…

Quinton Jackson – 03/26/08

9 thoughts on “Rampage Jackson Makes Me Work Hard”

  1. You know, everyone acts like Forrest ad Rampage are such great guys but hell they usually come off as asses.

    I thought Tito – who everyone loves to hate on – was a better interview. Not to mention Chuck.

  2. Wasn’t as bad as it’s being made out to be. Just Rampage being Rampage.

    I was pumped for him to be on TUF but now not as much. I just think it will be the same old with that show. So what that they are adding 16 more fighters. Big whoop. We’ll have one guy quit, a couple cry, one fight between the coaches, a dana blow up and that’s it. Yawn.

  3. Man that was surprising… Rampage is usually one of the more colorful guys in MMA. I guess he only brings out the charm for TV.

  4. I guess I just caught him on a bad day…it happens.

    Sorry about the audio, btw. He was eating lunch at a restaurant when we spoke.

  5. if henderson wasnt so mentally intimidated he wouldve kicked rampages ass dan is an all around better fighter and person.

  6. Shit! Rampage, Chuck and Tito interviews within a month? I’m not sure where you go from here. Great job! Sucks about the audio though but it happens. It’s not like Rampage was trying to be a dick or anything, but I heard Spike TV will own them if they pretty much say anything about the show.

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