Park Pilgrimage I: HDNet Fights Preview

December 15, 2007

os-poster.JPGSo, I finally made it to Dallas. It took a little longer than expected but at least I’m here.

The breaking news coming out of today’s weigh-ins wasn’t that I couldn’t make it. No, the big news coming out of it is that friend of The Park, Tristan Yunker, was 4.25 pounds over the 170-pound limit. Tristan, my man, after our long inspirational talk just a couple of days ago you go out and do something like this? So sad.

Nevertheless, Spratt and Yunker will still get it on at a catch weight of 173 but this is certainly not what a 22-year-old rising star needs on his resume.

Anyhow, since I feel as though has covered this event quite thoroughly I thought I would put up links to our interviews pertaining to it in this neat little post. They are presented to you in chronological order:

HDNets Fights Press conference #1

Guy Mezger interview

Pete Spratt interview

Yves Edwards interview

Press conference #2 featuring Simon, Mezger, Kennedy and Miller

Mayhem Miller interview

Tristan Yunker interview

Remember, we’ll be sitting cageside tomorrow night and will provide a complete (and I mean complete) play-by-play of all the action so make your way back to the Park in a few.

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