FightLinker Continues To Call Out Sam Caplan

Forget about GSP-Hughes III, the announcement that really rocked the MMA world this week* was Ryan Harkness ( challenging Sam Caplan (, and to a REAL MMA fight. No, really he did. And, yes, they are going to fight.

I had heard some rumblings that Ryan was going to challenge Sam before the end of the year and he officially did it earlier this week. Needless to say, I can’t wait to watch these two blogging legends to officially get it on. and are, without a doubt, two of the best MMA blogs out there (I would even say they are two of the best blogs period but that might sound like a bit of stretch to someone who hates mixed martial arts). Sure, Ryan talks a big game on his site but give the man credit – he is certainly putting his money where his mouth is by issuing this challenge.

Since is attempting to establish itself as the leader in combat sports interviews it seemed like a natural fit to talk to Ryan about his challenge, how he plans on training for the fight and when we should expect it to go down. I look forward to having Sam come to The Park and respond.

Who’s going to win the battle of the blogs? Let us know in the comments section.

Ryan Harkness – 11/29/07

*Fine, maybe this challenge didn’t really rock the MMA world but, damn it, I am excited to see two bloggers fight!

16 thoughts on “FightLinker Continues To Call Out Sam Caplan”

  1. Now we need Dave Meltzer to wrestle… someone. I’d say Bryan Alvarez, but they’re friends and face/face matches are rare. I’d still pay to see it!

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