Sam Caplan Responds To FightLinker

Caplan vs. Harkness. 5 oz. of Pain vs. FightLinker. The Battle of the Bloggers is nearing, my friends.

Last week, we invited Ryan to The Park to discuss why he decided to challenge fellow MMA writer Sam Caplan to a sanctioned fight sometime next year.

So, it only made sense to then reach out to Sam for his thoughts on the challenge and to respond to some of Ryan’s comments from our interview.

Without question, Sam is one of the top MMA writers covering the sport. His work on and is tremendous and in case anyone was wondering whether or not he is taking Ryan’s challenge seriously our interview (which can be heard below) will put all those doubts to rest.

Sam Caplan – 12/04/07

9 thoughts on “Sam Caplan Responds To FightLinker”

  1. It’s weird. Sam is the one with a few fights under his belt yet everyone keeps writing that FL will beat him. Maybe that just means FL has a more loyal following???

  2. I just want to see them actually get it on. This whole thing kind of reminds me of Andy Kaufman (Linker) vs. Jerry Lawler (Caplan) and obviously that makes me happy.

  3. Just found this blog. Ryan mite be a distant relative. Has this fight happend if so were can I find it. Fill Me in. Thanks

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