This Week’s Probables: GSP, DDP, KenFlo and More!

December 2, 2007

A look at who will be stopping by The Park this week:

* You knew it was just a matter of time before the Pride of Montreal, Georges St. Pierre, graced us with his presence. Well, the time has come and GSP will stop by to preview his upcoming fight against Matt Hughes at UFC 79.

* Professional wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page will discuss life outside the ring and reflect on his career.

* IFL head honcho Jay Larkin will talk about the latest IFL news and the 12/29 Grand Prix Finals.

* One of the top stars in the UFC’s Lightweight division, Kenny Florian (kicking above), will break down what he’s been up to lately and who’s next on his fighting wish list.

* We’ll talk to Ring of Honor’s Brent Albright about his bright young career and his goals for 2008.

* The Ultimate Fighter’s most notorious cast-member, Gabe Ruediger, will talk about his experience on the show and, most importantly, what he has learned from it all.

* Speaking of The Ultimate Fighter, TUF 6’s Richie Hightower will recount his time on the show and talk about his bout against Troy Mandaloniz at the 12/8 Finale.

* Another chapter in the ongoing “The Battle of The Blogs” will be written as Sam Caplan will respond to Ryan Harkness’ comments from our interview last week.

* MMA star Yves Edwards will preview his upcoming appearance for HDNet Fights (Edwards was supposed to come to The Park last week but had to postpone).

* Our Sweet Scientist, Larz from No Mas Online, will break down all things Mayweather-Hatton as we approach the big showdown next Saturday.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, my friends. We’re also working on some pretty big appearances for the coming week so grab a permanent sit here and tell all your friends about what’s going down at!

  1. 2 Responses to “This Week’s Probables: GSP, DDP, KenFlo and More!”

  2. Hey Ariel,
    Got some questions I was hoping you might be able to ask the guys if you haven’t done the interviews yet.

    GSP: When he beats Matt Hughes(yeah I said it) on Dec. 29th and lets say Matt Serra won’t be ready after that, who does he think will be next in line for a title shot? Since GSP has already fought and beat some of the best at WW (Penn, Hughes, Karo, Kos) outside of a rematch w/ Serra what other fighters does he want to fight and prove his already sure place in a MMA Hall of Fame?

    Jay Larkin: What are the new coach rosters for next year? Will you be dropping the silly team names (ie. Monkeys, Cougars, and Camelbacks) and replacing them with just the name of the Head Coaches ala The Ultimate Fighter? Is there fighters in the IFL that he thinks could be serious contenders in bigger organizations like UFC, K1, EXC, or Strikeforce? Has Zuffa tried to steal away any of the fighters even though Dana has denied it in the past?

    Kenny Florian: Whats his prediction for the BJ Penn vs Joe Stevenson match up at UFC 80 for the Interim Title? What are your toughts/feelings on the subject matter of an Interim Title? Does he feel any ill will towards Sean Sherks recent Positive Steriod charges and maybe is questioning the bout they had? Where does he think he ranks among title contenders in the UFC LW division? How he feels about Diego maybe dropping to 155 and how a rematch would play out if presented with it? Any fighters inside/outside of the UFC he feels would be a dream to match up against?

    Larz: Are my friend and I the only guys outside of Manchester that give Ricky Hatton a serious thought at winning this fight? How would you picture a Ricky Hatton victory playing out if its in possible in your realm of imagination? Does Mayweather prove anything if he defeats Hatton besides he is one of the biggest draws in boxing? If Hatton wins I’m guessing there will be a rematch and then the eventual rubber match right? If Mayweather wins what are the next best matches for him?

    By Matt on Dec 3, 2007

  3. Great questions, Matt. Thanks for sending them. I will be sure to use them.

    And thanks for reminding me to let everyone know that if you have a question you would like to ask one of our guests then send away!

    By Ariel Helwani on Dec 3, 2007

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