Get Your Radio Show Here!

Welcome, Ladies and Germophobes (that would be me), to the inaugural edition of “THE MMARated Radio Show.”

I have always struggled with the notion of whether I should put together an online show. The main strike against the idea was that I hated 99.99% of the shows out there because I thought most of them sounded way too campy and amateurish. Since I would never want to be viewed in that light I thought it would be better to just stick to the interviews.

Well, after experiencing UFC 84 weekend in Las Vegas, I had way too much on my mind so I thought, “hey, this might be a good time to record those thoughts.” The result is what you are listening to right now.

I’ll tell you this much, I thoroughly enjoyed talking to myself for 40 minutes. Reminded me of my college days.

Hope you enjoy the show and, as always, thanks for any and all feedback.


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