Arianny’s Views From The Best Seat In The House: Welcome Back Valentine’s Day Special!

Aaaand we’re back.

Great to be talking with you all once again and what better way to get this thing rolling than to present our latest edition of Arianny’s Views From The Best Seat In The House. Clearly, it’s a crowd-favorite and if you enjoyed our last discussions, um, I think you’ll definitely LOVE this one.

Why, you ask? Well, consider what we discussed this time around:

* Her Valentine’s Day plans

* UFC 81 and the all the hype surrounding Brock Lesnar

* Her appearance on E!

* The 944 Magazine contest she’s involved in

* Whether or not she is leaving the UFC

Pretty standard, I know. But then how about:

* Will she soon be gracing the pages of Playboy?

* She plays a very special game of F, Marry, Kill.

You read that correctly. Playboy. F, Marry, Kill. I kid you not.

Take a listen my friends and welcome back to The Park.

Arianny Celeste – 02/14/08

(photo courtesy of Zuffa, LLC)

21 thoughts on “Arianny’s Views From The Best Seat In The House: Welcome Back Valentine’s Day Special!”

  1. good to have you back.

    My absolute favorite part is how she doesn’t like Tim Sylvia which made me laugh out loud. We can all now make up our own conclusion of Tim trying to ask her out for some turkey hunting sex date adventure while wearing the UFC Championship Belt.

    Hey Ariel in light of Pavlik/Taylo II can we expect a run down with Large?

  2. You couldnt interveiw Fred flinstone with out messing it up, I think you made her feel akward the whole interveiw. But she is the best! well ties with Leah

  3. Matt – You are a smart man. Large will be stopping by the Park tomorrow. It should be a good one.

    Dana – Not sure what you are talking about but I love The Flintstones so I guess it’s a compliment.

    John – Thanks for the kind words buddy and good to see your site back too!

  4. I don’t think she sounded irritated. I just think she doesn’t get all of the jokes. Plus, he references a lot of his comments from past interviews he’s done with her and I don’t think she picks up on it.

    Anyways, great interview like always. Oh yeah, try to get an interview with Thiago Alves since he’s got a pretty big fight coming up. Ask him what he thinks of Karo saying he will be an easier fight.

  5. I’m going to have to agree with you guys on your MMA predictions for F, Marry, Kill.

    Good interview, just wish she would be a little more exciting.

  6. “Good call on Alves…I’ll go after him.”

    That would be sick. If you can schedule the interview, let me know, I got some questions for him. He’s my #1 fighter.

  7. Let’s not hate on Ariel’s interviews. I’m sick and tired of all the other MMA sites doing the same interviews with the same basic questions that I have already read about 50 times.

    “How are you feeling? How’s training? Are you 100% going into the fight?”

    What do you want them fighters to say?

    “Yeah, um, not feeling to good about the fight, um, training sucks, and um, going into the fight and I got plenty of injuries?”

    Reason why I noticed and started paying attention to this site is because of Ariel’s questions “above and beyond”. He asks the questions other sites won’t ask!

    That’s the shit I’m talking about!

  8. Listen to these punks ripping on the best MMA site around. What’s a matter guys? You have a little crushy wushy on Arianny? Shut the F up. Show me one site that gives us the same kind of content as this one. You can’t because there are none. Just a bunch of boring ass sites putting up their “definitive pound for pound fighter rankings.” Who the fuck cares? I couldn’t care less.

    Ariel – keep doing your thing. I have heard other interviews Arianny and let me just say you get her to sound a whole lot different…and better.

  9. Ariel,
    I dont know if possible but I would love to hear an interview with Paul Heyman. The Sun is starting to show some weird viral videos with him and its interesting to see what Heyman has in store for the future.

    Do you know what videos im talking about?

  10. Yeah of course “The Heyman Hustle.” The whole thing seems a bit – why do I want to hear Heyman’s views on celebrities – but I think he has an exclusive deal with them now. I tried to contact him many-a-time but no luck…

  11. Did Matt Hughes give her a “mat burn” a while back. Next time you guys should ask her about the “mat burn” that Hughes gave her

  12. This has got to be, HANS DOWN, the WORST EFFING interview EVER in the history of man. Seriously. Is this bitch SEDATED?!??!? And is this fuck D-bag of a host RETARDED?!?!?!? The chemistry between the two is absolutely NON-existant! Wow. I seriously can’t even believe I just listened to that bullshit. He was bad, but really, Arianny should just stick to being pretty. That’s IT, really. Man, can you imagine being with her? I mean, sure, i’d be fun to bang for the first few years, but then… wow. Nothing. This bitch is stupider than dirt.

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