A Few Things I Hate…

1) St. Patrick’s Day drunken idiots

2) Unsanctioned fights (aka when people get drunk they like to fight)

3) Men who lay their hands on women

4) Men who knock ladies out with a punch

5) The snow

Amazingly, all these things are exemplified in the clip below. I have already confessed my love for all things fighting but this kind of behavior is definitely not my bag.

Words can not even describe how disgusted this makes me feel.

source: The Big Lead

4 thoughts on “A Few Things I Hate…”

  1. that sucks. But what do you expect from amateur night on St Pattys Day? Bunch of people getting piss drunk for the hell of it and letting their testosterone overflow. Poor girl never saw it coming.

  2. Being drunk is one thing. Knocking a girl out and having her fall on the cold concrete is another. I wish we could see the rest of that clip and hopefully watch those cops rip him a new asshole.

    Or put him in the cage with Umaga and call it day.

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