Saturday In The Park: ADIDAC

Yesterday was a pretty tough day.

In short, I visited a doctor in New York City and while I won’t go into too much detail about my problems I will simply state that a couple of years ago I severely fractured my ankle and have been experiencing a whole host of problems since then.

So, yesterday I went to get a couple of shots to relieve some of the pain. I was surprised to hear that I was going to be put under a general anesthesia before receiving the shots. I have never had surgery before in my life so this was a pretty big deal for me. (Before I proceed let me just state that I am not the type to think that just because I write for a blog means you give a damn about my problems. I know you don’t and I don’t expect you to care. I feel strange even writing this kind of post but, trust me,there is a point to all of this.)

After the whole procedure, the doctor came to check up on me. I was a little out of it but he told me to hang in there.

However, before leaving the room he said to me:

“Oh, so you’re a fan of this Ultimate Fighting stuff?”

I was confused. Was he a reader or had someone else told him I enjoyed covering the world of MMA? And, if so, who?

Actually, it was none of the above. As it turns out, throughout the entire procedure I wouldn’t shut up about MMA. Pretty wild, eh? Here I am completely out of it and all I can think of (supposedly) is combat sports.

Clearly, the doctor had no clue as to what I was talking about but these were some of his follow-up questions:

“So, what’s the deal, is Randy Couture going to fight in Montreal?”

Apparently, I feel strongly about The Natural returning to the Octagon on April 19th.

Next up, he asked:

“What’s up with this guy Kimbo Slice and are his YouTube videos that crazy?”

Hey, Kimbo is clearly on everyone’s mind these days – drugged up or not.

Finally, he said:

“So, you really follow this stuff?”

“Yes, doctor, I do. ” I replied with a smile.

Actually, I think its officially safe for me steal the famous Adidas tag line and state that All Day I Dream About Sports Combat.

Enjoy the fights tonight. I know I will.

8 thoughts on “Saturday In The Park: ADIDAC”

  1. lol that’s some crazy shit man.

    Maybe you could work this into your radio show. Just on those cold nights when your ankle starts aching you can take some painkillers and just freestyle the bastard.


  2. Ha. I’ll take it under advisement. Thanks for the suggestion, Sam.

    I bet that has worked for a few broadcasters along the way.

  3. Oh man, that is sooo funny. I was really laughing hard while reading this. I drive my wife crazy with the way i go on about mma. She’s only a casual (UFC) fan, but any chance i get, mma is brought up (to her, or anybody else who’ll listen).

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