Mornin’ Muesli: Wladi, Louis, Sapp, Duddy…

February 24, 2008

* No surprises in the Klitschko-Ibragimov fight other than how cautious Wladi was in the ring. Geez, it would have been nice if he broke out something other than the jab, no?

* While he did win, I thought this was a step back for the younger Klitschko. He looked very impressive in his last few wins but, just as his trainer Manny Steward said, there was no way that fight should have went the distance.

* I disagree with Klitschko on his take concerning what needs to be done to be considered the best Heavyweight in the world. You’re only as good as the opponents you beat but also how you beat them. Performances like this one won’t convince me he is the undisputed best anytime soon and, unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any Max Schmelings out there to his Joe Louis (more on him later).

* I agreed with Harold Lederman’s scoring of the ninth round. The point in question was whether or not the ropes saved Ibragimov from getting knocked down. Perhaps, but he did recover right away so no sense in scoring it a 10-8 round. Sorry, it was a pretty boring fight.

* Nice takedown by Ibragimov in the tenth. Maybe after this showing he should consider making the switch to MMA.

* Those Klitschko & Ibragimov entrances were very pro wrestling-esque weren’t they? While I enjoyed them, I do prefer when fighters come out with their trainers etc. Makes things seem much BIGGER.

* Loved Sultan’s entrance song too. I guess he hustles everyday except on nights where he is fighting for a title at MSG on the 23rd day of February.

* Goldberg and Rogan are fantastic in the booth but my dream team to call a bout would have to be Mauro Ranallo and Max Kellerman. Now that would be music to my ears.

* Is Jeff Mayweather really the brother of Roger and Floyd Sr.? Talk about night and day in terms of personality and demeanor.

* I had no idea the Duddy-Smichet bout would not be televised and given the action (or lack thereof) in the main event I’m pretty disappointed we missed it. Who made this decision? I mean, if Duddy is really being groomed to be Pavlik’s next opponent why wouldn’t you air his bout?!?! Makes no sense. Could you imagine the UFC ever doing some like that? I can’t.

* To add more fuel to my fire, Large, who was sitting ringside covering the night’s action for The Sporting Blog, tells me it was a disgraceful decision in favor of Duddy. Sounds like the second time in two months that a Montreal-based fighter is robbed (Malignaggi-Ngoudjo anyone?). No chance he deserves to fight Pavlik next but that seems to be where we are headed.

* I can’t endorse HBO Sports’ documentary Joe Louis: America’s Hero…Betrayed enough. Yet again, another exceptional film by one of the best production crews in the business. If you missed it do yourself a favor and catch the replay. By the way, I’m almost ashamed to say I had no idea Louis ever wrestled. It sounded familiar but I don’t have any recollection of hearing any stories of him actually doing it. (Full disclosure: I worked on two HBO Sports documentaries a few years back).

* Um, yeah, so much for that Sapp-amania running wild again theory.

* I wonder if that loss will lessen his worth in the eyes of Vince McMahon. I don’t think it should and if WWE comes calling again I would take that offer pronto. Although, he did mention 3/15 so I guess he will be on that DREAM card.

* Spirited efforts all around on the Strikeforce show but a dull offering that seemed to drag on forever. Cory Devela’s judo throw had to have been the highlight of the night. Hopefully Joe Riggs makes a speedy victory.

* Frank Shamrock didn’t seem as confident in that brother vs. brother match happening as he did when we spoke to him.

* Like I said in yesterday’s Muesli, HDNet is doing a tremendous job of establishing itself as the leader in MMA programming, however, those pre-fight video packages need to be spiced up just a tad.

* Why was the Tacoma Dome so damn dark?

* I bet no one thought Maurice Smith would win via submission but definitely a brilliant game plan. I would have much rather seen that fight under K-1 rules though.

* Final verdict: last Saturday’s MMA/boxing double-header blew this one out of the water. Not even close.

* Now the real question remains: What the heck am I going to watch tonight? No fights!

  1. 5 Responses to “Mornin’ Muesli: Wladi, Louis, Sapp, Duddy…”

  2. Klitschko really sucks beans. That was such a boring ass fight. I agree with you about Duddy. Why the hell would I rather watch a replay of last week’s fight instead of his.

    Every time I watch Sapp fight it feels like he hates to get hurt. He’s always cringing. Please no more MMA bob.

    The best part was his Ric flair robe that was sweet.

    By Grant B. on Feb 24, 2008

  3. I love me some Muesli.

    Looks like Cofield is stealing your material:

    By Dubs on Feb 24, 2008

  4. Couldn’t agree more about the Duddy-Smichet fight. Why it wasn’t televised is beyond me, especially with Arum readily attempting to set up a showdown with Pavlik.

    As far as the UFC doing something similar, the one and only time I can remember it happening was when Nate Marquardt and Dean Lister went three rounds in what was supposed to be a swing bout for a UFC Fight Night.

    They ended up not having enough time to air the fight and Marquardt went into his title fight against Silva with little notoriety to those outside of the hardcore fans.

    By John Chandler on Feb 25, 2008

  5. Good call, John. You’re right – the way Marquardt was billed was a bit strange. I know it was only 8 months ago that he fought Silva but I just can’t see them doing something like that now.

    Perhaps the powers that be are now happy that they didn’t show the Duddy fight so that the fans won’t lose faith in him but it appears to be a non-issue as those same powers that be no longer think he is a viable opponent for Pavlik. Tito it is..

    By AH on Feb 25, 2008

  6. man, klitschko is just a reheated leftover…wake me up when someone worthwhile over 195 lbs under the age of 35 comes around

    By Taks on Feb 26, 2008

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