Get Ready For A Whole Lot Of Frank Shamrock

MMA legend Frank Shamrock granted The Park his first interview since the announcement that he will be facing Cung Le on March 29th in a Strikeforce/Elite XC copromotion. Among the topics touched on were:

* Why he chose to fight Le after once saying he had no interest in fighting him

* When the YouTube videos are coming

* Whether he plans to be a face or heel against Le

* Why fight Le before his brother Ken Shamrock

* The status of his fight with Ken

* His thoughts on Ken

* Why he believes Renzo Gracie won’t grant him a rematch

* His thoughts on the Randy Couture situation

* Which network passed on his reality show at the 11th hour

Shamrock is the definition of a walking sound byte and this interview was no different. Check’er out.

Frank Shamrock – 01/17/08

11 thoughts on “Get Ready For A Whole Lot Of Frank Shamrock”

  1. Another Great Interview Ariel. Nice job getting the first dibs after the Cung Le announcement which I think will be one of the more entertaining fights this year.

    I am a fan of Shamrock and I would say in terms of entertainment value his fight with Baroni last year ranked in my top 5 fights of 07. It may have not been the technical grace of a Clay Guida or Tyson Griffin bout but what it lacked in technicality it made up for entertainment.

    I also enjoyed to hear how he draws influence on the entertainment side from boxing and wrestling.

    sweet stuff.

  2. Thanks for the love Matt.

    Couldn’t agree more about Baroni-Shamrock. This particular fight might not live up to those standards but I bet the trash-talking (at least from Shamrock) will be tremendous.

    The man is a natural born heel.

  3. When Frank gave Baroni a little extra and made him go to sleep, that was some real Mike Tyson shit. I think Franks next three opponents look like W’s including Robbie Lowller that kid is a joke…. also about Josh The Punk, I think Frank should fight him as a warm up before the Cung Le fight. As for Uncle Fester and the UFC their fights SUCK! P.S. Don’t support Uncle Fester Championships A.K.A. The UFC their fights SUCK!!!

  4. I dont think Frank can fight Josh due to a 20 pound weight disadvantage. Frank would kill Josh.

    UFC is the best organization for MMA on the planet right now. They put on the most amount of quality fights compared to any other organization.

    Their free cards for 07 were some of the best of the year.
    You can hate Dana but dont hate the fighters and their performances.

    I’d rather see a fighter fight a can than a fighter fight a freak show can. K1 and M1 need to keep the freak show fights to a minimum and save them for their middle year cards not their Year End Spectacular shows.

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