The Angle Diaries – Turning Point, Favorite Matches & More

December 1, 2007

We promised this bi-weekly feature when first opened for business and while it had to be delayed a bit I am glad to finally roll out “The Angle Diaries.”

Obviously, we couldn’t deliver “The Angle Diaries” without TNA Wrestling’s Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle, but, thankfully, he has returned.

So, what are “The Angle Diaries” all about, you ask? Basically, every second week or so (we are flexible when it comes to these things) we’ll be joined by Kurt to discuss his life in TNA, other projects he’s working on and other topics surrounding his career.

This week, we discuss tomorrow’s TNA Turning Point pay-per-view, the current direction of his character in TNA and his all-time favorite matches and opponents.

Kurt Angle – 12/1/07

  1. 9 Responses to “The Angle Diaries – Turning Point, Favorite Matches & More”

  2. Good stuff. Looking forward to him working with Christian.

    I find it interesting that he’s back to doing a lot of comedy now when I think that was one of his complaints about how he was treated in WWE, saying he should have been more of a serious, shooter type of character.

    By Jason on Dec 1, 2007

  3. I know a lot of people say that but, to be honest, I think he is more effective as the comedy type. Sure, he doesn’t have to be a total clown but I thought the shooter gimmick came off as being forced.

    Who knows if he was truly unhappy being comedic in WWE. That is what really put him on the map.

    By Ariel Helwani on Dec 1, 2007

  4. Another great interview. Got to love Kurt. One of the best this business has ever seen. I think his comedic side was one of his stronger points his interviews with Rock and Jericho were all golden and lets not forget when he battle rapped Cena. Its not like he was a total comedy gimmick like The Boogeyman or Hornswaggle is now.

    Another favorite Angle match I just saw recently was the No Mercy Tag Match where it was Angle/Benoit vs Edge/Mysterio that match is one of my favorites of all time.

    Good Job Ariel.

    By Matt on Dec 1, 2007

  5. Thanks, Matt.

    I agree with you on your point about his comedic side. I think people harp too much on it. I mean, Rampage Jackson is always comedic – do people not take him serious?

    Obviously, Angle takes it to a different level and there is certainly room to tone it down a bit but I dig this Kurt Angle much better than the one who screamed and was always serious a year and a half ago.

    By Ariel Helwani on Dec 1, 2007

  6. How can you say TNA is building future stars when the main event features Hall and Nash? Nash was not working matches a few months back and Hall wasn’t even in the damn company. TNA are relying on the past instead of looking to the future.

    Angle means well and has put over Jay Lethal and clearly wants the company to succeed but Vince Russo, Dutch Mantell and Jeff Jarrett are murdering the company through their stupid booking.

    By Anglefan on Dec 1, 2007

  7. Do I like the fact that Hall & Nash are in the main event? Absolutely not. BUT, at least they are teaming them up with Joe. We all know who will be working the majority of the match anyhow. Guys like Tomko, Styles and Joe would never be in a WWE PPV main event in 2007 and both rosters are equally deep.

    Let me ask you: where were Kaz, Johnny Devine, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin a year ago. How about six months ago? Now, they are involved in top matches and top feuds. Who has the WWE elevated in the last 6 mths?

    Does the booking make me scratch my head at times? Absolutely. But they are progressing and at least attempting to make stars.

    Did they drop the ball with Lethal following the win vs. Angle? Yes. But it was a start. Now, would Batista ever lose to Jamie Noble? Forget on PPV – how about on SD? I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

    By Ariel Helwani on Dec 1, 2007

  8. I liked him better with some comedy too, it’s just that he was talking about how bad it was a year or so ago and now he’s doing the same thing, maybe even more so. I’m not complaining, just wondering what changed his mind or if he was just mad at WWE over all and wasn’t really thinking about what he was saying at the time.

    By Jason on Dec 2, 2007

  9. its awesome you are so chummy chummy with him; eat your heart out Michael Cole..

    His candour is very real, and you can sort of feel a little anger/sadness in his voice talking about Eddie taking the keys to the car in the ring

    By Taks on Dec 2, 2007

  10. Jason – good point. I will be sure to ask him that the next time we speak.

    Taks – Michael Cole ain’t got nothing on me.

    By Ariel Helwani on Dec 2, 2007

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