Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

November 7, 2007

Most boxing experts and fans seem fairly confident that Miguel Cotto (30-0-0) will defeat Shane Mosley (44-4-0) come this Saturday night. However, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in my discussion with Larz from No Mas, something is stopping me from betting the house on the Puerto Rican sensation. Not surprisingly, it appears as though Mosley’s trainer (and father), Jack, is not favoring Cotto either:

“I don’t know what Bob Arum was thinking about when he said ‘we’ll fight Shane.’ I mean, he’s thinking about age but that’s not going to work. Shane is just tremendously too powerful for Cotto. All the big people that he’s fought and sparred with right now don’t compare with Cotto…”

Needless to say, Jack’s pretty riled up about this whole age thing. More from the elder Mosley:

“…Cotto is worried sick about fighting Shane I already know. You look in his eyes and tell…And, Cotto hasn’t faced anybody like Shane, period…Cotto is one of the smallest guys he’s fought in a long time. Everybody he’s fought, they’re much bigger… So Cotto’s going to be in for a rude awakening and Bob Arum and all the rest of the camp that believe his age is going to be a factor. It’s not going to be a factor.”

For the record, Shane Mosley is 36 and Miguel Cotto is 27. Pretty big difference but stranger things have happened.

[credit: Swanson Communications] 

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