Tristan Yunker’s Weekend From Hell

December 26, 2007

yunker.jpgLet us review how rough last weekend was for one Tristan Yunker:

* He does an interview with and finds out that his opponent at HDNet Fights Reckless Abandon, Pete Spratt, thinks he’s talking smack about him when he claims he never was.

* He fails to make weight for his bout against Spratt.

* They end up fighting anyways and he is forced to quit 1:25 into the fight due to a cut he sustained over his eye. Although, as you will hear in our interview, Yunker claims he never verbally submitted.

* In the post-fight conference he announced that he will be taking off 6-12 months from competing to avoid burn out.

Hopefully, this past weekend treated you a little better, Tristan.

I caught up with Yunker to discuss the events leading up to his fight against Spratt and what the future holds for his still-promising career. Something tells me we’ll be seeing a better Tristan Yunker whenever he decides to resume fighting.

Tristan Yunker – 12/26/07

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