Your New WEC Lightweight Champ Is Here

February 19, 2008

Fresh off his thrilling WEC Lightweight title victory over “Razor” Rob McCullough, new champ Jamie Varner returned to The Park to discuss the bout. Varner appeared to be quite the confident fighter in his first appearance around these parts a few months back and, wouldn’t you know it, he actually backed up his words when most weren’t giving him much of a chance. Some of the topics we disscused included:

* What’s it like to finally be crowned champion?

* Did Razor’s trash-talking leading up to the bout piss him off?

* Was he surprised that he knocked him out?

* His game plan going into the fight

* His underestimated boxing skills

* The timeout controversy

* Who will be his first opponent as champ? (Hint: He thinks it will be in June against the winner Marcus Hicks v. Ed Ratcliffe)

* Any interest in unifying the WEC and UFC Lightweight titles?

* His prediction for Sherk vs. Penn

Jamie Varner – 02/19/08

(photo courtesy of Zuffa, LLC)

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  2. the mouthpiece thing was a pivotal point.

    before that moment he got rocked, he looked like he was composing himself.

    but after that he knocked out rob repeatedly.

    id rather see a rematch and get a straight out convincing win.

    and he is the most deserving out of all the contenders.

    By Kevin on Feb 19, 2008

  3. I agree, there’s a lot more interest in a Varner-Razor II than Varner-Hicks/Ratcliffe. Especially after the mouthpiece “controversy.”

    By AH on Feb 19, 2008

  4. i believe his first fight, should be a rematch with the former champ….he fought a hell of a fight, but the calling time-out and getting it from mazzagati was a joke. (smart move, to keep from getting knocked out)but i still think it was a pussy move, and in turn gave him a break to recover and that really was the only chance the former chanmp had in the whole fight, and he was robbed by mazz awarding a timeout when a fighter asked for it…is this a video game or what?

    By buddahga69 on Feb 19, 2008

  5. Great interview. Love the site.

    By Card on Feb 19, 2008

  6. Jamie Varner blew everyone away with his boxing. Everyone is talking about the mouth piece thing “controversy”, but I have watched the fight over and over again and Jamie had his feet underneath right after he lost his mouth piece, yes he went into defensive mode, but by no means did Rob have him as rocked. He came back and knocked him down three times before the knock out. Jamie is an outstanding fighter and has earned some respect.

    By Fightkidd's mom on Feb 19, 2008

  7. no doubt, he gained respect.

    he clearly won after the mouthpiece incident.

    the razor was on queer street for a while before he was stopped.

    just sign the fight and get it done to shut the marks up.

    By Kevin on Feb 19, 2008

  8. Well, Zuffa, the people have spoken. They want Varner-Razor II. I am actually surprised that after booking Sonnen-Filho II that they wouldn’t book this rematch as well. Maybe they don’t want to sign too many rematches in a row?

    By AH on Feb 19, 2008

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