Between Rounds With…Jesse

December 18, 2007


Another week, another enlightening edition of Between Rounds with one of The Platinum Agency’s featured models. This time we’re going Between Rounds with…Jesse.

She likes combat sports. We like here.

1. Which sport intrigues you the most: boxing, mixed-martial-arts or wrestling?
I am very intrigued by all three sports. They each share such an individual intensity, but still maintain many differences. But hey, who am I kidding? You get to watch guys beating the crap out of each other! That’s just cool!

2. Who is your favorite professional fighter?
I recently met an up-and-coming welterweight boxer out of Pittsburgh – Sugar Ray Nahr. He is originally from Ghana, Africa and is incredible! He has this tall, lanky, lean frame. He looks like a distance runner, but he is so quick with his jabs. He knocked out his much stockier opponent in the beginning of the second round! He had me impressed! They say he may be the champion within the next year!

3. Did you enjoy going watching a fight in person?
Yes. (The Nahr Fight) was my first time ever to watch a match and it was so intense! The audience was all crazy and into it. Each fighter had their own entourage in opposite corners of the ring, people were yelling obscenities at each other! It was great! I could see the sweat spatterflying off their faces from the opponents’ punch just like in those Rocky movies! I had a nice front row seat!

4. What do you think of female fighters?
I think female fighters rock! It’s not probable that I’d want to go up against any of them….ok well maybe. Yeah, but they do their thing. I have total admiration for any badass woman who does her thing.

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