The Jarry Park Wrestling Awards

December 27, 2007

Several weeks ago we presented our Jarry Park MMA Awards. Those proved to be such a success we then decided to roll out our Jarry Park Boxing Awards. So, it only made sense to end the year off with our Jarry Park Wrestling Award show. To help hand out the prizes we invited the producer/co-host of Fight Network Radio and Live Audio Wrestling, John Pollock, to do the honors.

For the record our categories are:
* Male wrestler of the year
* Female wrestler of the year
* Tag team of the year
* Feud/storyline of the year
* Match of the year
* Most improved wrestler of the year
* Worst wrestler of the year
* Best PPV of the year
* Promotion of the year
* Best book or DVD of the year
* Feud you would like to see in ‘08

I will forever remember 2007 has one of the most tragic years in professional wrestling. It’s hard to recall the highlights amidst all the negativity but, as you will hear below, John does a great job of looking back at the year that was. Enjoy.

The Jarry Park Wrestling Awards with John Pollock

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