6 thoughts on “The MMA Hour: Josh Barnett Edition”

  1. Hey Ariel I love your show but I hate hearing old columnists (Kevin Blackistone) talking trash about MMA. Can’t they just admit that they’re old and they don’t “get it”? I like the fact that there’s a line drawn in the sand and I’m on the other side than all the old columnits and older generation. What do they have in common with me? –Nothing (I’m 27 yrs old). I don’t want them to start jumping on the MMA bandwagon at this point. It would dilute the excitement of following the sport (it wouldn’t be as cool to follow MMA). Why do I need watch ESPN to get MMA news? I’ve got blogs, twitter, and youtube. I understand that you probably want the sport to get as big as possible so you can get paid more but as a fan, I want to keep the popularity right where it is. We don’t need to have the Baby Boomers follow MMA.

  2. I wanted to quickly comment about Tito Ortiz. Dana White recently tweeted that the fued is over and today even said “welcome back Tito.” Tito said in an interview that you did on April 12th (and many other interviews) that he was trying to make a difference for a lot of fighters. I took that to mean that the UFC doesn’t treat their fighters fair and fighters should be able to make money by fighting under other organizations with better contract terms. Does resigning with the UFC mean that he’s abandoning that view and is really only seeking what’s best for him–more money and more exposure? I’d love to hear your take on it.

  3. This show is essential listening on my itunes! Good work, it’s crazy how fast the news becomes old in this sport though!

    You should have called this show MMA Hour: Bad Apples! (23mins)

    Also, you gotta keep the pressure on Blackistone to check out an MMA show, I’d love for you to do a follow up interview – I’d have also liked to have heard you ask him if he felt the sport was skilled at all, does he at least see that the athletes achievements in the cage have some merit and are comparable to the skilled participants in the sports he covers.

    Good show as always.

  4. I hear where you are coming from, C.J.T, but since Kevin and I are colleagues, I felt it would make for an interesting discussion. That’s all. I don’t feel the need to defend MMA anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like helping others see the light. The old guard is really missing out on something special, and while I know what you mean by not needing anyone else to cover the sport, it is important to get rid of the negative stigma attached to it. The bigger it gets, the better it will be for all of us. Trust me.

    Glad you dig the show, Mark. Don’t worry, the pressure is on.

  5. As for Tito, I always believed he would be back in the UFC. Both sides know how much money can be made together. I don’t believe this had anything to do with anyone but Tito. He was injured and the moment he was healthy he returned. Something tells me that whole Punishment FC thing with Strikeforce ain’t happening after all.

    Of course, he isn’t 100% back, so let’s wait and see. Stranger things have happened (see: yesterday)

  6. Why have a guy like Blackistone on talking MMA when the guy clearly has no clue about the sport and is one of these people who automatically doesn’t like it and never will.
    As far as Tito and Dana go they’re perfect for one another. They’re both hypocrites who’ve never met a camera or microphone they didn’t like. So much for Dana saying he put up with Tito when he was good and he’s not anymore so I’m not in the Tito Ortiz business.
    C.J.T. who said he thought Tito was going to try and make a difference for a lot of fighters,oh he is but the only name on that list is his own.
    For a guy who was banned from the UFC fan expo, and who Dana White has tried to publicly humiliate with his comments to go back to him and sign a contract with how much Tito’s said he was moving on where he’s respected and done with the UFC for the last year and a half is the ultimate in hypocrisy and prostituting yourself to the highest bidder.

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