UFC 100 interviews galore

Much more from Hendo, Bisping, GSP, Alves and Mir HERE

6 thoughts on “UFC 100 interviews galore”

  1. Did it weird you out that Alves would take a question from you but answer it directly to the camera?

  2. Also it’s a testament to your awesome interview style that you got Brock to look at least partly relaxed/human. Dunno if it’s because you mentioned hunting but I like to think it’s because he likes you.

  3. Thanks, Mark. I think if you only ask him about hunting, he will inevitably like you. I was on strict orders to do so.

    As far Alves, a little, but I felt the passion.

  4. Great stuff. You know Brock ain’t walking out on The Franchise! You definitely set Brock in a nice light there, with the hunting questions.

  5. Yeah props for actually getting an interview out of Brock where he’s not irritated.


    i have to bring up

    “GSP you seem very calm”

    “yes i am…” *crickets

    lol. great interviews though. Jon Jones is very well spoken and is a good ambassador for the sport.

  6. Yeah, the GSP interview was not one for the highlight reel. I even tried to butter him up with some French but it didn’t work.

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