6 thoughts on “Fox Fight Game, take two”

  1. NICE!!! They saw the awesomeness of the Helwani and gave you a seat on the panel. Congrats buddy. Not to blow smoke up your back-end, but you really did well. Great point on SF spreading themselves out a bit too thin. You know I’m a huge Diaz fan and I’d really like to see him fight some top tier guys also, but who do they have that’s ready? I say bring in Jacare. By the way, do you ever give Dani a hard time about her last name? I thought better and didn’t post the link to online dictionary.

  2. i really dont like the host.

    or his gay comments.

    he seems like he is just doing this till his game show host job comes thru.

    female host doesnt really bring much to the table either.

    but good points on strikeforce and diaz crackin the top 10.


    whats up with that freak dreams lineup?

    at first i was excited and then i was dissapointed.

  3. I won’t be surprised if Canseco doesn’t fight. It’s insane. I will go for it if Big Mac is in his corner.

    As always, thanks for the suppoer, Jim. I am not touching that name comment…

  4. AH you were spot on saying if the BJ who schooled Joe Daddy and Sherk shows up Florian could be in trouble.
    I was shocked the rest of that panel was so quick to dismiss him.

    However I disagree with your comment Forrest and boring UFC fight don’t go together.
    Did you see the Forrest/Hector Ramirez fight?

  5. If you ask me, that’s pretty on par with “the apology.” Man, I love that guy.

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