6 thoughts on “How’s Taste Fanhouse.com and Cung Le?”

  1. Congrats on the fanhouse.com gig. I feel about the same about Cung Le as you did about Silva after UFC 97 on Cofield’s show. He is a belt holder, not a champion. He can just as easily come out and say “I’m big-timing Strikeforce with my Hollywood wanna be ass. You’re never gonna see me in the cage again.” Thanks Cung for skirting every issue Ariel asked about and then the one question you give a firm answer on is the release date for the movie, which will also be coming out on DVD in 3 weeks. Mike Goldberg beat the release date into our heads, why don’t you get in the cage to start beating heads or just step down as Strikeforce champ.

  2. I know, a bit of a rant. But the guy is acting so arrogant and clueless at the same time. For a minute there I thought he was answering questions in the Miss USA pageant, that’s how retarded and all over the place he sounded.

  3. congrats on the extra job Ariel. Busy dude.

    I remember when you first went with Versus, you said on MMAJunkie Radio that Versus was going to let you cover all MMA. So far tho, I’ve only seen you do UFC and WEC videos for it, so will that be your only focus?

  4. at the past ufc, did anyone else find it awkward when they interviewed cung le?

    i felt like, its when you see a character from a different tv show appear on a different show as themselves.

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