Mid-Evening Muesli: Rankings, 84, Regal…

A couple of notes to close the day with…

* Check out my latest Media & Cultural Rankings at MMARated.com. I really enjoy doing these and think it’s kind of different from what everyone else is doing with that ever-so-popular rankings concept.

* I’m headed to Las Vegas tomorrow to cover UFC 84 for The Rated Republic (aka MMARated.com). We’ve got some potentially interesting things planned so keep it locked all weekend (and beyond, of course) for the latest and greatest.

* Quite the interesting conference call starring Gus Johnson, Mauro Ranallo, Frank Shamrock and Karyn Bryant today. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, once again, that’s alredy the best announce crew in the combat sports world.

* I totally missed this one but, apparently, Versus is airing the Hatton-Lazcano fight this Saturday. Seriously, I had no idea but that’s pretty cool news. From HBO’s 24/7 to Versus…interesting. But, seriously, go to Versus.com, you’ll have to work pretty hard to find any mention of the telecast.

* What the hell happened to TNA? For the first time in a while, I am having a real hard time watching iMPACT! I was always able to stomach their stupidities in the past but I am simply bored by the current product.

* Preach on, Lovemore. Preach on.

* Finally, William Regal. I’m still not sure what he was suspended for but I don’t care to ever watch him on my television again. For a close friend of Chris Benoit’s to get suspended TWICE following that whole tragedy is a tragedy in itself. Actually, its a joke. How many chances is Regal going to get and what kind of monster push is he going to receive when he returns?

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