Random Muesli: FNR, RAW, Stamford…

* Yo, yo, yo…I’ll be a guest on Fight Network Radio today at 3 p.m. EST. Check ‘er out.

* RAW has definitely been must-miss-TV for me lately. I had a feeling this would happen once HHH became champion. Plus, the Regal power-hungry GM gimmick is so played out there is nothing new out there that has yet to be done.

* I took a trip to Stamford, CT, recently. Know of any good wrestling companies based out of there? One of these days, I will tell the tale of my journey to McMahon-land.

* I will be in Las Vegas for UFC 84 so expect some more videos in the very near future. And, yeah, I will try to squeeze in some time for this too.

* Oh, and have you heard of this site called MMARated.com?

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