Ali Sonoma To Appear On ABC’s “The Mole”

May 6, 2008

Without a doubt, MMA fans are a very “what have you done for me lately” kind of bunch. Betray their trust or put up a stinker and they may never forgive you. So, you can imagine my surprise when someone sent me a tip that former UFC Octagon girl Ali Sonoma would be appearing on the fifth season of ABC’s “The Mole.”

When Sonoma and the UFC parted ways at the end of 2007, she told everyone who would listen that she would be back in the limelight sooner rather than later. Of course, most believed that would be modeling at some car expo in Ohio. Au contraire, she has landed the biggest non-UFC gig of any Octagon girl.

I wish I could tell you what “The Mole” is but, sadly, I have never seen the show. That said, I have been able to gather this essential information:

* It airs on ABC

* It premieres on June 2, 2008

* This is its fifth season

* There are twelve contestants on the show

Oh, and the basic premise is that contestants will work together to complete various physical and mental challenges to build up a significant cash prize for the winner. One of them, however, is “the Mole,” a double agent hired by the producers to sabotage the efforts of the group.


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