Phil Baroni: “Instead of Ninja Sushi I’ll be having a Smoking Joe Burrito”

April 28, 2008

The last time we caught up with Phil Baroni he only had Murilo “Ninja” Rua on his mind. Since we spoke, Rua was replaced by Joey Villasenor as Baroni’s opponent for the May 31st Elite XC on CBS telecast. No official reason has yet to be given for the switch.

Naturally, the moment we found out about the change in opponents we contacted “The New York Bad Ass” to get his thoughts on it all…

Ariel Helwani: When did you hear that Ninja Rua was pulling out of your fight?

Phil Baroni: I don’t know. Same time everyone else did.

Ariel Helwani: What was the reason you heard?

Phil Baroni: He was injured or something. Really what difference does it make? Whatever the reason is he should consider himself lucky. I’ll be coming in top shape for this one guns blazing.

Ariel Helwani: Do you believe he was really injured?

Phil Baroni: Yeah, the guy has fought the best. Lawler, Rampage, Henderson…I have no reason to believe he wouldn’t fight me. The guy is no bitch; he comes to fight.

Ariel Helwani: Is it possible he read our interview on and got scared?

Phil Baroni: I doubt he can even read.

Ariel Helwani: What are your thoughts on your new opponent on May 31st, Joey Villasenor?

Phil Baroni: Instead of Ninja Sushi I’ll be having a Smoking Joe Burrito.

Ariel Helwani: In your opinion, is Villasenor a step up or a step down in competition for you?



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