The Legend Of Kimbo Coles Grows

This clip, courtesy of the great Awful Announcing, is from a TNT broadcast of the Lakers-Nuggets playoff game where sideline reporter, Craig Sager, tells the story of Nugs’ coach, George Karl, showing his squad a video of Kimbo Slice to hype them up before the game. Only problem is he refers to Slice as “Kimbo Coles.” Naturally, he confused the EXC star with former NBA journeyman, Bimbo Coles.

By the way, anyone else find it a little weird that Karl was showing his team footage of Slice in the first place? Clearly, they are the underdog in this series which would not be the best way to describe Slice’s role in MMA right now. I can understand showing a Randy Couture or even Rampage Jackson video but Kimbo?

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