Mornin’ Muesli: Late RAW Thoughts…

hbk.pngby Larry Palacios, Contributor

* Obviously, the best thing going on WWE television today is the HBK-Batista feud. Interesting to see where things go now with the addition of Y2J.

* Santino stole the show again with his awesome mic skills. Seriously, when is he going to start hosting his own show? If Jericho can have “The Highlight Reel” then “Santino’s Casa” definitely needs to come to RAW.

* As far as Paul London & Brian Kendrick are concerned, I’m still curious to see if they will get a chance to grow much like their carbon copy, The Rockers. I’m not sure if they can be as good as them but they definitely have ton of potential that isn’t being realized right now.

* Very glad to see Mickie James capture the Women’s title as I can’t stand Beth Phoenix. Sure, she’s big and strong but what else is there to like? I know she’s a heel but she’s missing something that I can’t put my finger on it.

* Please wake me up whenever the Cryme Tyme-Cade/Murdoch is over.

* Did you notice Regal nearly suplexing Orton into an early retirement? Every time I see something like that I cringe because we’ve seen so many wrestlers have their careers cut short because of a some neck injury. Luckily, Orton recovered and was able to continue the match. Sure, he might be a bit sore, but other than that he should suffer no ill effects.

* I’ve got to give Hacksaw Jim Duggan credit. The man beat cancer and is still wrestling. No doubt, he’s a shell of his former self, but, hell, if you love to do something then why stop? Especially if someone will pay you for it.

* I’m really not that excited for this Fatal Four Way match at Backlash. Just doesn’t do it for me. First off, didn’t we just see Orton, Cena and Triple H at Wrestlemania? Throw JBL into that mix and it just makes me care less about the match.

* Where have you gone, part I: Jeff Hardy. It’s amazing how much more exciting he made RAW.

* Where have you gone, part II: Joey Styles. Mike Adamle? What a joke.

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